Worst Recipe Ever: The 8 Key Ingredients That Screwed My Daughter’s Life Up


Worst Recipe Ever: The 8 Key Ingredients That Screwed My Daughter's Life Up

Looking back it is so easy to see several key ingredients that screwed up my daughter’s life. I wish I would have known what to look for but my daughter transitioning from a sweet little girl to troubled teen happened slowly. We made several mistakes we would like other parents to carefully consider and perhaps learn from our experience. 1. We weren’t realistic about what was happening. We foolishly told ourselves ‘not our little girl’. 2. When she showed signs of depression we didn’t really understand her feelings and felt her mood would pass. 3. Because we didn’t think she could ever stopping being our little angel, we never communicated with each other as her parents. 4. We never talked to her about what she wanted in her future as we just assumed she would fall into that naturally like we did at her age.

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Bad Went To Worse

The first four problems led to the last six. 5. We never set boundaries, expectations, or consequences for her actions. We just tried to deal with each situation as it came up and we were usually emotionally charged. 6. The disruption in our family as a result of her continual behavior put a wedge between the two of us and we let our own spirituality slide. Naturally, as ours did so did hers. We believe if we would have focused on this more, she would have had a better foundation. 7. This resulted in her slowly falling away from church participation and other activities she used to enjoy. 8. And finally, everything else resulted in her having the wrong friends which ultimately created the perfect recipe for disaster. Getting advice on avoiding these pitfalls can save a lot of heartaches. Call a professional at Trinity Teen Solutions at 307-202-8400.