Here at Trinity Teen, we employ a variety of methods to help your daughter find her path and work through the problems that plague her. One of the most important aspects of our program is the setting. Girls come to live on a working ranch, and become participants in the daily chores and activities that help them reconnect with life on the most basic level.

There are many reasons that this model is so effective, from the homey environment to the structured days. However, one powerful element is our use of equine-assisted psychotherapy. Girls at our facility are invited to participate in hands-on work with the animals at the ranch, including the horses.

What is Equine Therapy All About?

Horses have coexisted with people for a long time. Naturally, horses are herd animals. They’re programmed to be receptive to others and to know how to cooperate. Horses have unique intuition and sensitivity, and the way that they respond and interact with people can teach someone a lot about themselves. It can help a patient understand the image that they’re projecting of themselves and that when they can control themselves, they can also often control the way that they interact with others, and improve their relationships. Here are some of the other benefits of equine therapy:

  • Its caretaking aspect inspires responsibility and compassion in girls.
  • Girls are able to practice new behaviors and approaches in a supportive, safe atmosphere.
  • Girls are able to overcome fear. Learning how to manage such a large animal empowers and inspires people who work with them.
  • Having a practical, hands-on experience helps you step away from all the talk therapy and know what’s going on inside your head in a more immediate way. Often, equine therapy can overcome blocks that we come across in talk counseling.
  • Because horses are similar to humans, and very responsive and sensitive, they often start reflecting other relationships that we’ve seen in our lives, which allows us a place to troubleshoot and examine those dynamics.

Trust Our EAGALA-Approved Program

While the magic of equine-assisted psychotherapy lies in the horses themselves, not all programs are effective just because there’s a horse present. Rather, it has to be managed in a particular way. On one hand, it’s important to ensure that it’s all done humanely, with the utmost respect and care for the horses. Additionally, it’s important to have experienced professionals who are able to customize the program for each girl’s needs so that they can get the best results in the time they have with us. As a part of EAGALA, you can also rest assured that we’re fully qualified to offer equine-assisted therapy with ethical and results-based practices.