What is a Troubled Girl?


What is a Troubled Girl?TTS is a Christian based residential treatment center offering therapeutic programs for your troubled girl. Our program combines the key elements essential in effectively treating teenagers with underlying and unresolved issues. In short, our individual and clinically comprehensive programs are key in the development of a strong therapeutic bond between the troubled girls and other key staff members that help enable teens, restore families and teach lifelong success. We will help transform your child into a respectful person having a renewed relationship with family and with Christ. For More information about our school, please call .

A troubled girl is a phrase used for a teenager who is having problems which are causing negative behaviors. These problems, attitudes and actions are above and beyond the typical or normal issues that all adolescents face and may even be detrimental to themselves or those around them. They could also be the inability to deal with the normal issues teenagers face.
They can be anything like abusive relationships or unsafe neighborhoods to environment issues, and physical issues to mental health issues.

What is a “Troubled Girl” Warning Signs?

Running Away
Being secretive
Mild to severe eating disorders
Severe mood swings
Self harm
Extreme defiance and rebellion
Drug or alcohol abuse
School failure or drop in grades
Illegal behaviors
Volatile temper
Intense sadness
Loss of interest
Sudden change in peers
Fails to comply with rules
Sleeps too much

It is normal for teenagers to want to feel independent. But, it is not typical for them to act out in dangerous extremes. If your teenage girl is creating self-destructive situations, you cannot afford not to intervene. You should not wait until your child is in a perilous situation before you do something about it. Sometimes you must do things your child will not understand. Remember: you are a parent, not a pal. Your responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. Intervening in a dangerous situation might make your child dislike you, but it will also save her life.

At TTS, we offer excellent facilities and comprehensive programs that can help troubled girls cope with a wide range of behavioral and emotional problems. To speak to our Admissions counselor and learn more, call today.