Warning Signs for Teenage Girls


Warning Signs for Teenage Girls

Trinity Teen Solutions
is a Christian based residential treatment center for teenage girls who are expressing the warning signs of bad behaviors. We offer the most beneficial assortment of counseling services and believe that a high-impact, long-term, spiritually motivated, therapeutic environment is the best option for certain teenage girls who are struggling with constant unchanging, self-defeating behavior. Trinity Teen Solutions provides a nurturing environment with highly-trained staff to help students get through a highly structured curriculum. We focus on self-discipline and accountability through comprehensive counseling, which are the perfect conditions for success. For more information, please call 307-202-8400.

The trouble that teenagers can get into is almost limitless, and the consequences can impact the rest of their lives. One of the most common consequences of negative teen behavior is quitting school. Except for trouble with the law and substance abuse issues, the most serious problem is dropping out of school or being expelled permanently. Teenage girls who are heading into trouble often do not see school as a stepping stone into a secure future. With their tendency to live totally in the present, many adolescents have difficulties realizing that their current behavior is affecting the rest of their lives. Because, an adult without a high school degree lives in an unsafe and unkind world where incomes are meager and supplemented with drug sales or petty theft, making the “American dream” completely out of reach.

Alcohol or drug use is one of the most important signs that your child is heading into serious trouble. Although its true that most teenagers want to keep some parts of their life private, the drug using teenager can appear much less honest or forthcoming than they previously had been.

Warning Signs Parents can be on the Lookout For

Decrease or loss of interest in school
Poor academic performance
Poor hygiene or lack of interest in personal appearance
Negative change in peer relationships
Presence of lighters
Suspicious phone calls
Major change in behavior and emotional disposition
Changes in appetite
Sleep habits
Major shifts in interests
Isolative behavior
Changes in weight
Changes in sleep patterns
Dramatic mood swings

Tackling your child’s negative and risky behavior is not easy. As soon as you see the warning signs that something is amiss, it is less painful for all concerned to nip the problem in the bud than it is to deal with the aftermath of consistent poor choices. At Trinity Teen Solutions, we offer support and guidance in finding solutions and getting results. You can find the right option for your child by consulting with our Admissions Specialist at 307-202-8400.