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Troubled Teen Philosophy | Trinity Teen Solutions

Here at Trinity Teen Solutions, we utilize a holistic approach wherein we treat the ENTIRE person. Our individualized treatment approaches for each client will emphasize interventions for her MIND (mental health), BODY (physical health), and SOUL (spiritual health). Trinity Teen Solutions’ three-part philosophy works with teens and their families to develop skills necessary to build positive, healthy relationships. The goal of Trinity Teen Solutions is to help disabled individuals to develop the emotional, social and intellectual skills needed to independently live, learn, and work in the community. To speak with a professional, please call 307-202-8400 or continue reading for additional information.

Calming Her Mind

“Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Rom 12:2) There is a healing process that takes place for troubled teens when you combine individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. As a result of the treatment philosophy at Trinity’s Residential Treatment Center for troubled teens, girls at risk gain strength, develop the importance of trust in relationships and build self-esteem from personal accomplishments. The small home-like environment eliminates the negative distractions and pressures that previously influenced your daughter. In addition, she’ll learn that behavior, attentiveness, impulse control, self-motivation, teamwork and willingness to do things even when you don’t want to have a correlation to personal happiness, inner peace, and self-esteem. Trinity’s daily therapeutic interventions will grow self-worth and dignity in your troubled daughter so that she will be strong enough to do the painstaking task of looking honestly inward at the issues that are causing her self-sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns.

Strengthening Her Body

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit? Within you, which you have from God? You are not your own, you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” (1 Cor 6:19-20) An overwhelming desire to fit in, unrealistic body images from advertisements and Hollywood, peer pressure, fast-food diets, dangerous over-the-counter weight-loss aids, and more contribute to a body that functions poorly. When your daughter’s body isn’t well fed, respected, or cared for, her mind and spirit suffer. This is why our residential treatment program includes a body-centered nutritional program for at-risk teen girls. Due to the fast-paced, highly processed, nutrient-depleted American diet, we are seeing more and more physical and emotional problems in girls who are already having difficulty in their teen years. A diet that is made up of highly processed foods, refined sugars and aspartame, and low in protein is a recipe for disaster. And eventually, it will have devastating effects on one’s emotions. Simple sugars break down quickly in the bloodstream, causing a cascade of hormonal responses. The yo-yo effect of frequent ups and downs in blood sugar causes reactions that affect the brain. The result is food cravings that are very difficult to overcome. These cravings are so powerful they can be stronger than drugs or alcohol. So, in addition to fighting external forces, troubled teens are also battling their own bodies. We will provide your daughter with pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements to help cleanse and rebuild her cells. She will also receive a high-protein, complex-carbohydrate diet that will aid in the healing process. This nutritional support will decrease mood swings, help curb addictions and provide her with long-term benefits to become a strong woman even after her arrival home. All troubled teens that come to Trinity Teen Solutions will be given the means to end the nutritional roller-coaster ride. We accomplish this by providing:

  • A high-protein diet that delivers important amino acids necessary for neurotransmission or chemical reactions in the brain,
  • Complex carbohydrates to stabilize her blood sugar,
  • Pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Included in this are important mood-stabilizing nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, B complex and much more.

Restoring Her Soul

“I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10) Teens at risk are constantly battling to “belong to something.” Our culture has become one of gangs, cliques, clubs and cults. Joining means sacrificing your daughter’s values and moral beliefs. Troubled teens desperately need something, or someone, to believe in and someone to believe in them. We will gently guide your child into a relationship with God and help her open her heart to His kindness in the serenity of His creation. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have demonstrated and proven that this is the only approach for long-term success in overcoming behavioral issues that difficult adolescents face.

Our Christian Residential Treatment Center utilizes Christian Counseling through our “Program for Life.” Through these spiritual interventions your daughter will learn to evaluate her relationships with God, self, and others. She will learn to determine what her weaknesses are and how they affects her behavior. She’ll learn how to grow the opposing virtue which will help eliminate her destructive behaviors. She will learn to listen to her conscience and develop it to be more attuned to her weaknesses. Your child will begin to monitor herself – something teens at risk rarely do on their own. But one of the most beneficial results of this process is that she will learn to control her impulsive, emotionally-driven decisions.

Through our Christian-based philosophy and our “Program for Life,” we are able to restore in her the awareness of right and wrong actions. We have found that softening the hearts and minds of difficult adolescents through daily prayer, mass, Christian counseling, role-modeling of living faith and prayerful reflection on scripture teaches young women that they are helpless to overcome the negative influences in their lives without God. The serenity and beauty of God’s creation encourage the softening process and reinforce this understanding that God is the Master of Life and the lover of every troubled teen’s soul. The transformation is amazing! Girls and their families who thought they wouldn’t make it another month are now living in peace and harmony by the grace of God and the power He instilled in those involved. Read about the experiences of some of the girls that have come to us. Find out what they faced and how – with a lot of hard work – they fought the good fight and won! Then, let us know what questions you have about our program. Trinity Teen Solutions will be glad to speak with you by phone or email to provide all the information you need.