Trinity Teen Solutions Uses a Christian Approach to Treating Troubled Girls


Trinity Teen Solutions Uses a Christian Approach to Treating Troubled Girls

Trinity Teen Solutions
is a faith based residential treatment center using a Christian approach to treating troubled girls. The importance of spiritual development is underscored by our Christian approach to treating teens with mood disorders or behavioral issues, who have lost sight of a clear future. Thus, spirituality is strengthened as our students grow in overall emotional well-being. At Trinity Teen Solutions, we have the opportunity to offer unconventional services with the use of animal assisted therapy. Horses have been widely accepted to be a therapeutic tool when troubled girls do not respond well to traditional methods, often showing better results with equine assisted psychotherapy. Through nurturing these therapies and faith training, we can bring hope back to families who are experiencing detrimental issues with their troubled girls. For more information, please call 307-202-8400.

Treatment programs for troubled girls based on religious teachings are similar to other residential treatment programs but with a strong emphasis on spiritual growth and learning principles based on faith. The goals are the same as non-religious programs, to assist teens in making positive life changes, but the approach to doing so is based on spiritual and religious principles and practices and they focus more on the child’s relationship to God. The program at Trinity Teen Solutions offers spiritual and religious instruction, teaches strong values such as humility, compassion and honesty and emphasizes the importance of healing body, mind and spirit.

Christian Schools Emphasis Values and Inner Healing

Many troubled girls are confused about spiritual issues and can benefit from this approach. If your family has strong religious views, this treatment approach may be more harmonious with what you believe in and what you want your child to be taught. These programs should also be considered by parents who like the emphasis on values and inner healing, or as an option for girls who have not made the progress expected in other treatments.

At Trinity Teen Solutions, Christian students can receive excellent clinical care and devote themselves to restoring their relationship with Jesus Christ. If your daughter is experiencing difficult issues that need outside help and spiritual intervention is an option, please call 307-202-8400 to speak with our Admissions Counselor and receive the help you are seeking.