Trinity Teen Solutions Knows the Difference Between Moodiness and Problem Behavior


Trinity Teen Solutions Knows the Difference Between Moodiness and Problem BehaviorTrinity Teen Solutions is a faith based residential treatment center for troubled girls who are experiencing an array of self-defeating issues. Our on-site professional staff knows the difference between moodiness and problem behavior and strives to provide teen girls the daily opportunities needed for spiritual growth and development. We excel in working with children who have had a disconnect somewhere along the line, which has led to unacceptable behavior. Our academic program gives students a chance to turn their lives around through a quality education and a change of heart which comes from a personal relationship with God. We are dedicated to providing unique opportunities to troubled girls who are struggling with problem behavior issues. For more information, call Trinity Teen Solutions at 855-631-4424.

How Can Parents Tell What’s What?

In today’s world, it is very common for teens to make bad decisions. Sometimes, even the best kids lose their way. Many parents wonder if their child’s negative behavior is the normal moodiness or if they are experiencing problem behavior. How can parents tell what’s what? Trust your intuition. If the behavior does not feel normal, it probably isn’t. One key difference is impairment. Every teenager is moody at times, but take note of whether your child’s moodiness is getting in the way of going to school, eating and sleeping, participating in sports or meeting up with friends. Is she basically living life the same way as always? If so, the moodiness is most likely normal for her. But, the most common mistake in our culture today is for parents to normalize the problem behavior; parents constantly think that their child’s bad behavior is just a passing phase, but, it usually isn’t and many children grow into adulthood before they find out that it’s too late.

At Trinity Teen Solutions, we understand and know the difference between whether your teenager is experiencing the “normal” moodiness or whether she’s displaying deep and underlying issues, such as mental illnesses, bipolar disorder

or depression. We know how to go about addressing problem behaviors because our program was designed by experts in youth psychology and behavior modification. Our school is staffed by psychiatric professionals who strive to offer a new beginning in the lives of troubled girls who are experiencing problem behavior. We can effectively treat these issues through the most beneficial assortment of counseling services and believe that a high-impact, long-term, spiritually motivated, therapeutic environment is the best option for teenage girls who are struggling with self-defeating behaviors.

When problem behavior becomes more apparent and you are unsure of what to do to help your troubled girl, call Trinity Teen Solutions at 855-631-4424. We can help!