TTS Finds Opportunities to Heal


TTS Finds Opportunities to HealTTS finds opportunities for your troubled girl to heal through our Christian based residential treatment center. Our program combines the key elements essential in effectively treating teens with underlying and unresolved issues. In short, our individual and clinically comprehensive programs are key in the development of a strong therapeutic bond between the students and other key staff members that help to heal and enable girls, restore families and teach lifelong success. We will help transform your child into a respectful person having a renewed relationship with family and with Christ. For More information about our school, please call .

TTS serves girls who struggle with emotional, psychological, behavioral, educational and family issues. The girls who come through our school typically exhibit issues that come from mood disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, attachment difficulties, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and substance abuse.

Family Reconciliation Helps Teenage Girls Heal

Family reconciliation and healing are primary goals of TTS. To reach these goals, our highly structured and highly nurturing home-like atmosphere, provides daily living experiences of relationship with staff and peers. This process supports an emotionally and physically safe environment to address challenging relationships with the girls and their parents, siblings, peers and persons of authority. This method gives the girls the opportunities to address negative belief systems, unhealthy ways of relating to others, and destructive coping skills with the support of experienced, professional, and caring treatment providers. This experience also affords the students the opportunity to become an essential part of family therapy as parents and professionals work together in the learning and treatment process. We believe that family involvement in the treatment process is critical.

While family therapy, including individual family sessions, multi-family group and parent support group is a foundation of treatment; individual therapy, group therapies, animal assisted psychotherapy, creative expressive therapies and therapeutic options are important complements in addressing key issues. All of these treatments can help troubled girls find opportunities to heal and succeed.

TTS can help your child determine underlying issues and teach her the tools to help change behavior. We offer support and guidance in treating problems rather than the symptoms to get results. Call our Admissions Specialist at ; your daughter could soon be replacing behavior problems with responsible behavior.