Trinity Helps Teen Girls with Bulimia Nervosa

Trinity Teen Solutions understands that you want to help your teen girl who struggles with an eating disorder, and we’re here to help at our safe, licensed residential treatment center in scenic Wyoming.

Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder in which she cycles through periods of large food intake, alternating with times of fasting.  Purging (through use of laxatives, enemas or self-induced vomiting) frequently happens.  Bulimia is closely correlated with body dissatisfaction (and, while not unheard of with boys, is far more common in females). 

Noteworthy symptoms and side effects include ulcers, constipation, tooth decay, dehydration and esophageal inflammation.  Because there is not usually a striking variation in total body weight, and your child may well be average or above average in weight, Bulimia may be trickier to detect and diagnose than Anorexia.  

Here to Help your Teen with Bulimia Nervosa  

Remedies are available, typically a combination of psychotherapy and (anti-depressant) medications.  Your child might find success in working with a dietician, too, to help establish healthier nutritional and eating routines. 

 As you might suppose, your teen will greatly profit from family support to help with the Bulimia Nervosa.  Whether the origin is hereditary or not, body image (often a distorted one) is at the core of this disorder. Alternating menus and family eating practices can go far towards encouraging healthy habits, reducing the odds of regression after Bulimia treatment has ended. 

Untreated, Bulimia can progress into many different serious, even grave complications. Digestive problems (from laxative abuse), gum disease, dehydration (possibly leading to kidney failure), depression, risky activities, and coronary problems (even heart failure) may develop.  

Some studies show that boys both lose and gain weight faster than girls.  But whether it’s your son or daughter who is suffering with Bulimia, the faster the disorder is treated and the faster they get back to their normal growth curve, the better the long-term prognosis. 

Helping Teen Girls Heal in Mind, Body and Soul

Trinity Teen Solutions offers the finest residential healing and therapeutic services available to troubled girls between the ages of 12-17.  Surrounded by protected forest, Trinity’s campus sprawls over 160 acres of the most beautiful land in America.

Our Christian faith-based approach to healing, and family-style living environment–plus the equine, animal and recreational therapy–helps each struggling teen girl calm and renew her mind, and body and soul. We also work with teen girls and their families to develop the skills necessary to build positive, healthy relationships. That’s an important part of our goal for teen girls who enroll at Trinity Teen Solutions. We want her to acquire the emotional, social and mental skills needed to reach her God-given potential in life, and we’re here to help. 

To learn how we can help your troubled teen girl suffering with Bulimia , call us now at (307) 202-8400.