Individual Treatment Plan

Individual Treatment Plan

Treatment Plans for Troubled Girls

It is imperative that the Individual Treatment Plans of at-risk teen girls be individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient. No patient’s issues are exactly the same. Each of the struggling teens who enter our residential treatment program comes from a diverse background. Each one is dealing with different challenges. Each has her own hopes and dreams she wants to one day fulfill. These are the reasons that Trinity Teen Solutions creates an Individual Treatment Plan for every young lady who comes into our care.

Residential Treatment Center Offers Individualized Treatment Plans

After an initial complete evaluation, your daughter’s individual treatment plan will be developed, taking into consideration her unique issues, her particular diagnoses, her ability to process information, assessing her current coping skills, intellectual capabilities, personality traits, her natural gifts and talents and her response to past treatments. She will also be required to continue her education while at our inpatient mental health facility for adolescent girls. Based on her physical condition and discharge goals, we’ll create a list of activities, responsibilities, spiritual exercises and fellowship opportunities best suited for your daughter. This agenda will work to improve virtues and positive characteristics while reducing the occurrence of negative behavior and outbursts. Our Therapeutic Approaches Encourages Patients to Value and Engage in Their Treatment When your daughter experiences therapy – rather than just talking about it – she gains ground more quickly and values her therapy. Because Trinity is not an institution, but rather a family-style, all-girls residential treatment program, we are 100% hands on. While discussions are a vital part of the treatment process, progress only comes once your daughter begins to put into action those things she has recently learned about. Your daughter will learn new skills in therapy such as effective coping skills, self-soothing skills, emotional regulation, mindfulness, distress tolerance skills, communication skills, life skills, anger control, and impulse control and will be expected to practice these new skills throughout the day in her interactions with others, role-playing, and in therapy. Medication Management Trinity Teen Solutions recommends that if your daughter has not had Genetic Testing done to help guide psychiatric medications that we perform a Genecept Assay® on admission. Up to half of all patients respond negatively to psychiatric medications that they are prescribed. That’s because everyone’s body is different, and how your body responds to a given medication is influenced by your genetic makeup or your daughter’s individual DNA. The Genecept Assay® looks at key genes in your daughter’s body that affect how it responds to medications. This can help the psychiatrist understand if a drug may work for her before she even tries it. With the information from Genecept Assay ® and her history, the psychiatrist can find the right treatments so she can feel better faster. Upon being admitted to Trinity’s residential treatment center, your daughter will also have a complete initial psychiatric evaluation. Our first course of action is to assess the effectiveness of your daughter’s current medication regimen or need for medications and to make any changes or adjustments as needed. Many struggling teens come to us with behavioral and emotional issues for which they take medication. With medications being managed by a licensed psychiatrist and/or psychiatric nurse practitioner as well as registered nurses, we are fully equipped to manage prescription drugs, evaluate progress and make changes as needed while monitoring for adverse drug reactions. Once struggling teens are stabilized on the minimal amount of medications needed to manage behaviors and emotions, and are learning to identify, understand and manage the core issues that have put them into inpatient residential treatment, they no longer are as anxious, impulsive, depressed, angry and suicidal. They feel as though they are making progress and accomplishing goals. That’s because they are! At Trinity, we are constantly monitoring, assessing, evaluating and implementing improvements with regard to your daughter’s care. What’s more, we offer emotional and spiritual assistance for you and your other family members so that you can also begin to heal. Contact us today for additional information or for answers to questions you may have. One of our Parent Advocates will be pleased to provide any information you need about our unique residential treatment program. Please call 307-202-8400 to speak with a representative, immediately.