Transitional Living for Wyoming Girls

Transitional Living for Wyoming Girls

If you’re a parent of a troubled teenage girl, you likely feel trapped in a cycle of frustration and anger, with no end in sight. You may feel your home has become a hostile environment that is no longer safe for anyone under its roof. Guiding your daughter into adulthood without assistance may be out of the question for you. Transitional living programs for young women are designed to help troubled teens through this very important period from adolescence into adulthood.

Trinity Teen Solutions Transitional Living

Choosing the best program with transitional living in mind can be both a troublesome and disorienting experience. You may be struggling to find the right place for your daughter without knowing entirely what’s going on with her behavior.

Keeping her close to home, but giving her the space she needs to grow independently may be the option that fits both your needs. That’s why our center is ideal for Wyoming families looking to help their daughters find a safe and positive place to heal. Located at the northwestern border, the close proximity to home will provide comfort to parents, but on a sprawling ranch of Wyoming land, it will feel far from the negative environment she was once in.

God-Centered Behavioral Therapy

Your daughter may have lost sight of her potential; a healthy and happy life made possible by God. At Trinity Teen, we provide a God-centered behavioral health program, and uphold a family style living environment. During their time with us, your daughter will cultivate a deeper relationship with her Savior, as well as herself. Self-soothing techniques and self-esteem are learned through Christian values. We believe it is through our Lord and His light that true self-worth can be realized. Unlike other treatment centers in and around Wyoming, our home-like environment allows us to place an emphasis on not only the mental, but also the physical safety of your daughter.

Though their time with us will not be without it’s hardships, it’s through the challenging emotional and physical work that empathetic and resilient young women are made. These young girls will learn to be part of a community instead of resisting the acceptance of one.

Journey to a New Life

We realize that each girl is unique, as such, the program will be tailored to them. This makes it possible to address their particular needs, no matter how specific. We’ll work with their individual behavioral issues, and social concerns to make the transition from Trinity Teen back to their home go smoothly. Our overall goal is to help these young women overcome their emotional immaturity, and learn to respect God, themselves, and those around them. Being at our center will afford them the time they need to self-reflect on their previous harmful behaviors, and give them the skills to navigate from teenhood into womanhood with hope.

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If you’re a resident of Wyoming and your teen’s behavior is troubling you, call us today and see if Trinity Teen Solutions is the right place for your daughter. Our staff is ready to help with any questions you may have about our treatment center, our God-centered philosophy, transitional living programs, and more.