Transitional Living for Utah Girls

Transitional Living Programs in Utah

Transitional living programs for older teens are designed to help girls progress from adolescence into adulthood. If you’re a parent of a struggling teenage girl, you may feel frustrated, confused, helpless, and alone. Parents and their teens may have lost sight of their future, coming to the conclusion that the issues of the teenager have outgrown their home.

Trinity is Here to Help

Whether the decision is that of the teen or their parents, homelessness is often the last resort of a difficult living situation. Utah’s homeless population is growing at an alarming rate. More and more young girls seek a way out that may lead to them being unsheltered. Trinity Teen is here to help prevent that. Families may decide they want to give their teen girls a chance to grow independently outside of their homes, but in a safe and monitored experience. Our facility is located in heart of Wyoming. Close enough to Utah for both you and your daughter to feel comfortable, but far enough away from the presently harmful environment.

Christ and Community Centered

At Trinity Teen, we believe in upholding a family style living environment that cultivates positivity and proper self care. Girls are not left alone in a cold, stale environment with the chance to learn more negative behaviors from their peers. The safety of each girl’s mind and body is always our priority. Through a small staff to patient ratio, this is entirely possible. Trust and blossoming self-esteem help cultivate a loving relationship amongst their peers and staff. Hard work for the animals in their care help create an empathetic young adult. These young girls learn to be part of their community instead of actively resisting one.

Here at Trinity Teen, we align our programs with our faith. All of our programs are centered around God, his love and his light. It’s part of our mission to help each teen to realize they were created by the Lord for a reason, instilling a sense of self worth that will last into adulthood as they continue to grow and change. During their time in a transitional program, they will be fostering deep relationships through spiritual development to create life-altering attitudes. Christian morals and values are reinforced as the girls are surrounded by the warmth and love of our Savior.

The Journey to Happiness

The program is designed around each girl as an individual. This makes it possible to address their specific needs during this difficult transitional period and help with a maread of behavioral issues, social dysfunctions, and lack of motivation. Our goal is to help girls overcome their emotional immaturity, and learn to respect God, themselves, and others. Through this, the cycle of harm can be broken and self-sufficiency can be found. There’s an opportunity to grow from their past mistakes instead of dwell on them, learning resilience through caring for the people, animals, and land around them. The work won’t be easy, but the emotional and mental foundation built will be worth the challenges faced. Their time at Trinity Teen will afford them the time to reflect on their past harmful behaviors and emotional traumas in a place designed to help them effectively navigate from teenhood into womanhood.

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If you are a Utah resident and your teen’s behavior is troubling you, call us today and see if Trinity Teen Solutions would be a good fit for your daughter. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you have about our mission, treatment philosophy, education programs , and more.

We are confident in our resources to help your daughter make meaningful changes in her life that will allow her to live both safely and happily.