Transitional Living for Teen Girls

Transitional Living for Teenage Girls

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Transitional living programs for teenage girls are designed to help these young women transition from adolescence into adulthood. If you’re a parent struggling with alarming behavior from your daughter, you likely feel lost, frustrated, and left without a solution. Your teenage girl may have lost sight her bright future. You may have even come to the conclusion that their poor behaviors have outgrown their home, and become a safety concern for everyone around them.

Trinity is Here to Help

Your teen may feel trapped in their current situation, causing them to act out irrationally. They may feel unprepared to enter the adult world outside the protection of home. Trinity Teen is here to help both parents and their daughters regain control of their lives. If your family has decided they’d like to give their young adults a chance to gain independence outside of their homes, but in a secure environment meant to promote personal growth, our program may be the answer. Our facility is located in heart of Wyoming, on an enormous, sprawling lot of beautiful land that will help your daughter reconnect with nature, and give her the distance she needs from her currently negative atmosphere.

Christ and Community Centered

At Trinity Teen, we believe in upholding a home-style living environment that cultivates a happy attitude and personal accountability. Girls are never left alone in a cold, clinical setting, or in a situation where they might pick up on more negative behaviors from their peers. With round the clock care from our caring and compassionate staff, your daughter’s mental and physical health will always be our first priority. While she challenges herself to discover the underlying issues that brought her to us, she will be met with warmth and comfort. Through diligent and repaticious work, she’ll have the coping skills and self-understanding to more easily transition into the adult world. Instead of crashing against their communities, they learn to enjoy holding a space within it. Our Christian residential treatment program upholds Jesus Christ our Lord as it’s pillar. Our philosophies are centered around God, His sacrifice, and His unwavering love for us. Each girl is with us for a reason, and it’s our mission to help them understand what that reason is. We’ll provide the guidance they need to overcome the deep-set emotional traumas that may be keeping them from the self-discovery of why God created them in his image. They should feel acceptance from their Savior, and in their time with us, they will develop a deeper relationship with their Lord through different therapies.

The Journey to Happiness

As the circumstances of each person in our care are different, the program will develop around her individual needs. This transitional period is difficult; altering their pathways to success will help them with the maread of behavioral issues, social dysfunctions, and the lack of motivation that may be keeping them from feeling functionable outside of their homes. Our goal is to help these girls learn to respect themselves, their Savior, and all those around them. Once they work past their emotional insecurities, their harmful cycles can be broken and self-sufficiency can be found. They have the opportunity to grow from their mistakes and not use them as excuses to live a stagnant life. The work is neither simple, nor easy, but the emotional and mental foundation built will be make it worthwhile. There time at Trinity Teen will give them the chance to reflect on their past behaviors, recognize their triggers, and give them the tools to continue a more stable life moving forward.

Call Us Today

(307) 202-8400 If you are a parent of a teenage girl with disturbing behaviors, call us today and see if Trinity Teen Solutions can help. Our staff is available to answer any questions you might have about our treatment facility, our Christ-centered philosophy, and more. We are confident that we’ll be able to help your daughter make the changes she needs to live a happy and healthy life.