Transitional Living for Montana Girls

Transitional Living for Montana Girls

Families from Montana experiencing major difficulties with their teenage girls may struggle to imagine their loved ones living a happy life outside of their family homes. They may feel that as they reach adulthood, their negative attitudes and behaviors will lead to a life engulfed by personal hardships. Their conduct and social issues may have already outgrown their household. Transitional living programs are especially designed for young women who are finding it nearly impossible to make the adjustment from adolescence to adulthood.

Christ and Community Centered

At Trinity Teen, we believe in upholding home-style living conditions, with Christian morals and values that fosters both accountability and positivity. No one is left alone in a cold environment like that of a more traditional treatment facility. Through the help of our capable and compassionate staff, each girl is monitored around the clock; her mental and physical safety being our first priority. Your daughter will feel comfort and love while she challenges herself to realize the core of the emotional issues that brought her here. Through the use of her new coping skills and healthy habits, she’ll become a resilient young adult who will go on to see her limitless potential. Jesus Christ our Lord is the pillar of our Christian residential treatment program. Every one of our teaching philosophies is centered around God and his love for us. It’s our mission to help each teen understand that they were put on the earth for a reason. It’s their job to find their purpose, but we’ll provide the help they need to overcome their deeply set emotional wounds. We reinforce the warmth and love they should feel from their Savior, and their time with us will lead to a deeper, more enriched relationship with their Lord through spiritual work.

Our Center

If you’d like to see your daughter flourish in adulthood, Trinity Teen Solutions may be the answer. Give them the opportunity to grow outside of the space that could be indulging their poor decisions, in a place meant to help them discover the underlying emotional issues that could be causing their derailment. Our facility is located in northwestern Wyoming, bordering Montana. You and your daughter will feel secure that it’s close to home, but she’ll be far enough away from the environment that’s prevented any positive change. Transitioning into adulthood can be a daunting experience for anyone. We want to give every young girl the tools to cope with such a transition, and let her feel prepared to enter the society around her.

The Journey to a Happy Life

Trinity Teen’s treatment programs make it possible for each teen to address their specific issues and to engage in the appropriate therapy. To find balance in their lives outside of the center, they will be healing their mind, body and soul. The overall goal is to help your daughters overcome any emotional immaturities that may be burdening them. We want to see them grow from their past mistakes instead of allowing their adversities to keep them at a standstill. We provide the building blocks to an emotional and mental foundation that your daughters will build their futures upon.

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If you are a Montana resident and your teen’s behavior has become disturbing, call us today and see if Trinity Teen Solutions can help them to redirect their path. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you have about our mission, treatment philosophy, education programs and much more. We are confident that our resources can help your daughter make meaningful changes in her life to assure her a safe and happy future.