Transitional Living for Idaho Girls

Transitional Living for Idaho Girls

Transitional living programs for young women are designed to help teen girls transition from adolescence into adulthood. If you’re an Idaho parent struggling with the disturbing behavior of your teenage girl, you may feel frustrated, helpless, and alone. Parents and their teens may have lost sight of a bright future, coming to the conclusion that their issues have outgrown their home.

Trinity is Here to Help

Homelessness or unsafe shelter is often what a teenager resorts to when feeling trapped between their home life and feeling unready for the world outside of it. Trinity Teen is here to help prevent that. Families may decide they want to give their young girls a chance to establish independence outside of their homes, but in a safe and monitored experience. Our facility is located in heart of Wyoming, close enough to their Idaho home to feel comfortable, but give them distance from their presently damaging environment.

Christ and Community Centered

At Trinity Teen, we believe in upholding a family style living environment that cultivates positivity and personal accountability. Girls are not left alone in a clinical setting that allows for the potential to pick up any negative behavior from their peers. With the guidance from our capable and compassionate staff, each girl is monitored around the clock. Her mental and physical safety are our first priority. Your daughter will feel comforted and loved while she challenges herself to explore and overcome the emotional issues that brought her here. Through consistent, and repaticious use of coping, and self-soothing skills, she’ll become a resilient young woman who is ready to transition into the adult world. These young girls learn to be part of their community and appreciate it versus openly resisting it. Jesus Christ our Lord is the pillar of our Christian residential treatment program. Every one of our teaching philosophies is centered around God and his love for us. It’s our mission to help each teen understand that they came to us for a reason, and were made for this world with a purpose. It’s their job to find that purpose, but we’ll provide the guidance they need to overcome their deeply set emotional struggles and anxieties. We reinforce the acceptance they should feel from their Savior, and their time with us will lead to an enriched relationship with their Lord through therapy.

The Journey to Happiness

As each girl and their circumstances differ, so does our program. Altering the program around them makes it possible to address their specific needs during the difficult transitional period and help with a maread of behavioral issues, social dysfunctions, and the lack of motivation that may be keeping them at home. Our goal is to help girls overcome emotional immaturity, and learn to respect God, themselves, and others. It’s only then that the cycle of harm can be broken and self-sufficiency can be actualized. There’s an opportunity to grow from their past mistakes instead of using them as an excuse not to progress. The work won’t be easy, or simple, but the emotional and mental foundation built will be worth the challenge. There time at Trinity Teen will give them the time they might need to reflect on their past harmful behaviors and give them the tools to continue a stable life moving forward.

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If you are a resident of Idaho and your teen’s behavior is worrying you, call us today and see if Trinity Teen Solutions can help. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you might have, and address any concerns. We are confident that we’ll be able to help your daughter make meaningful changes in her life.