Transitional Living for Colorado Girls

Transitional Living for Colorado Girls

Parents in Colorado may be experiencing a disturbing trend with their young adult, or teenage girls; they’re finding it difficult to find secure living outside of their family home. If you’re a parent of a struggling teenage girl, you may feel helpless to their negative behaviors. It may even feel unsafe for everyone to be under the same roof. Transitional living programs are made especially for young women who are finding it particularly difficult to make the adjustment from adolescence to adulthood.

Trinity is Here to Help

Your family may have come to the conclusion that they’d like to give their teen a better chance to grow independently outside of their homes, but in a safe environment meant to treat the underlying emotional issues that have been causing their lack of self-sufficiency. Our facility is located in heart of Wyoming, just close enough from their Colorado home to put both you and your daughter at ease, but far enough away from the harmful environment they’re grown accustomed to. Transitioning into adulthood can be a terrifying process. We want to give every girl the tools to cope with the stress, and find joy in independent living.

Healing through Him

At Trinity Teen, we believe in upholding a family style living space that fosters positivity and accountability. Girls are not left alone to their own devices to learn more negative behavior from their peers. Our first priority is the safety and health of everyone left in our care. Through the help of our capable and compassionate staff, this is entirely possible. Your daughter will feel safe and loved while she works to uncover the core of the behavioral issues that have brought her here. Through repetition, consistency, and practice of her new coping skills and healthy habits, she’ll become an empathetic and resilient young adult who can go on to live a productive life. We are Christ-centered in every aspect of our teachings. Jesus Christ our Lord is the pillar of our Christian residential treatment program. It’s our mission to help each teen understand they were created by our Lord for a reason, giving them purpose, and healing the emotional wounds that have grown over time. Christian morals and values are reinforced as the girls are surrounded by the warmth and love of our Savior. During their time in the program, they will foster a deeper relationship with Him through spiritual development.

The Journey to a Happy Life

The program is developed around each individual girl. We make it possible for each teen to address their specific issues and find the appropriate therapy for them. It’s never just about healing the mind, but the body and soul as well. The overall goal is to help your daughters overcome their emotional immaturity; to learn to respect themselves, others, and the Lord. We give them the opportunity to overcome their past instead of dwell on it. The work won’t come easy, but the emotional and mental foundation built will be worth the challenges faced. Their time at Trinity Teen will give them the chance to self-reflect on who they once were, and who they’d like to be when they come back home.

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If you are a Colorado resident and your teen’s behavior is negatively impacting their life, call us today and see if Trinity Teen Solutions is the right place for them. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you might have about our mission, treatment philosophy, education programs and more. We are confident that our team can help your daughter make meaningful changes in her life to insure a safe and happy future.