In an age where defining prosperity in life is owning the newest gadget, or having a certain amount of clothes, it grows increasingly difficult to separate our family relationships from this false sense of happiness. Each parent and teen will have their own separate struggles with vanity, and misplaced attachments, however, that shouldn’t keep us from losing our connections and bonds over the false sense of good we feel due because of material items.

The important thing to remember, when you begin (or continue to) feel the strain in your relationship with your teen is to peel back those material layers and search again for simplicity. Simplicity is a crucial key in unlocking healthy relationships, reconnecting with family, and creating pathways for communication that may not have been there before. Obviously, choosing to establish simplicity in your household can be difficult. 

Decluttering Your Life

With the craze of minimalism and decluttering materialistic possessions, asking a teenager to simplify their life usually ends poorly, with a teen thinking that you aim to through their earthly possessions away. And although it does at times help to live with less when looking to further soothe mental health issues, what we mean is choosing to live more simply with your time, energy, and daily life. 

Simplicity doesn’t have to mean whittling down the items in your home or teen’s room. Choosing a more simple life does, however, mean becoming more in touch with yourself, God, and family, read more at As each of our souls is unique, the ache and pains of a complicated existence can buildup in different ways. Instead of looking to Him as an example of how to live our lives, we look to the materialistic and time-obsessed culture around us. 

Seek Connections

As a parent, now is your chance to help your family seek out a better more fulfilling way to be, the way our Lord shows us to be, showing us that we must be purposeful about our material and temporal needs. By examining our lives in such a lens, we can find greater peace, family order, and more holy contentment. As parents, you’ll better understand what your family has is unique, and with cultivation, your strength and the grace of the Lord will sustain you. Find more about Maid Easy AZ

Each member of your family likely leads a life that is filled with worldly attachments that keep them distant from following the Lord. Let go of what’s holding you back from quality time with your loved ones. Are you spending too much time on your computer, or is your daughter spending more time on her phone than quality time with her family? Don’t let yourself and your loved ones lose sight of what’s truly important.

It’s not wrong to keep the things we enjoy and use on a daily basis, but having the strength to not let those things become the center of our world is highly important. Help your family by creating time that’s free from distractions. Discuss with your daughter how she can grow more connected to the rest of her family, her faith, and God. Simplicity is the key to creating closeness.