The Importance of Strong Family Ties for Teenage Girls


The Importance of Strong Family Ties for Teenage Girls

Trinity Teen Solutions
is a Christian focused residential treatment center for teenage girls who experience an array of behavioral, psychological or emotional problems. The importance of strong family ties for our teenage girls is emphasized by our Christian approach. Our desire and goal is to encourage and nurture respect, self-discipline, leadership and creativity in the lives of troubled girls and create an atmosphere where individuals flourish every single day. We aim to impress upon our students responsibility and honesty while providing them the opportunity for a quality education. We encourage restoration of family relationships and a connection with God. For more information on how we can help your struggling teenager, call 307-202-8400.

Strong family ties can be considered something that is always needed by human beings. People need strong family ties to feel loved and safe in this world. The importance of this issue for teenage girls is critical. It is reported that a feeling of personal connection through strong family ties plays a crucial role in protecting teens from violence, drug or alcohol abuse, as well as suicide, early sexual activity and engaging in other behaviors that endanger their health.

There are ways for families to be strong and happy, by the way they interact with each other, how they treat each other, what they do as a family and as individuals to support each other. Spirituality is the guiding force that bonds the family together. When families share spiritual faith it provides opportunity for building good relationships and for dealing with difficult situations and changing circumstances. It is a key element in establishing strong caring families and is the foundation for all family strengths. Families who are tied together through spiritual faith discuss their beliefs and spiritual thoughts with each other, they worship together, they pray together, and they find hope, support and a sense of purpose.

Ways to Develop Strong Family Ties

Expressions of caring and appreciation
Commitment to support and sustain each other
Patterns of clear, open and frequent communication
Helping others in need – relatives, neighbors and friends
Teamwork where all family members express opinions and ideas
Flexibility and openness to change

Parents who wish to help their teenage girls avoid risky behaviors should send clear messages to them about what to do and what not to do through spending time and being available to talk with them about setting high standards. Trinity Teen Solutions puts a strong emphasis on the importance of offering help to teenage girls and their families in need of developing strong family ties. Please call 307-202-8400 for more information.