The Benefits of the Ranch Setting at Trinity Teen Solutions


The Benefits of the Ranch Setting at Trinity Teen Solutions

Trinity Teen Solutions
is a Christian focused residential treatment center for troubled girls. Teaching Christian moral principles, we are passionate about producing long-term results in girls who are experiencing a host of detrimental issues. We believe that all children are capable of becoming responsible adults. At Trinity Teen Solutions, teen girls are immersed in the benefits of the ranch setting, a home environment with the care and concern of loving, highly-trained staff, and education is a key component helping students learn through our biblically based educational programs. For more information, please call 307-202-8400.

When parents of a troubled teenager begin to look for answers to the problem in their home, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the many options available. Parents often don’t know exactly what is the best thing to do for their child, and they want to make the right decision. For many parents, the benefits of a ranch setting is a great option. Trinity Teen Solutions maintains a working ranch setting that specializes in dealing with girls who have behavior problems. We understand how to go about addressing those problems because our program was designed by experts in youth psychology and behavior modification.

Caring for Animals Reinforces Compassion and Patience

In addition, our ranch setting environment uses therapeutic methods consisting of animal psychotherapy and equine assisted therapy to challenge troubled girls and give them a new perspective on life. Animal care is a critical aspect of therapeutic learning for teenagers, mainly the girls with self-esteem issues and family difficulties because constant care for animals reinforces positive qualities such as compassion and patience.

Trinity Teen Solutions provides struggling girls with many opportunities to heal and succeed in a serene and secluded environment that is surrounded by National Forests, where kids can feel safe and comfortable while being taught integrity and responsibility through hard work and caring for animals. Regular feeding and cleaning are basic parts of caring for animals, and teenage girls who participate in these activities learn the responsibilities necessary to succeed. Other therapeutic programs include on-site family counseling and therapy, giving parents hope while keeping them well informed of their daughter’s progress.

At Trinity Teen Solutions troubled girls can benefit from our working ranch setting where therapeutic and comprehensive programs can help troubled girls cope with a wide range of behavioral and emotional problems. To speak to our Admissions Counselor and learn more, call 307-202-8400, today.