Christian Summer Program Therapy Description

Christian Summer Program Therapy Description

What you can expect from Trinity’s summer program for troubled teen girls

Christian Summer Program Therapy DescriptionAt our Christian summer program for troubled teen girls, we strive for excellence in education, attitude, holiness, and service. We hope to instill in your daughter a sense of belonging to something bigger than herself and an understanding that a life of giving rather than taking will ultimately make her complete. It is our goal to teach each troubled teen girl respect

for the dignity of human life and responsibility toward others.

Our summer camp for troubled youth will work with your child and with your family to make changes that will help eliminate the problems that caused you to look to Trinity for help.

We will strive to provide the best care possible for your daughter while she is at the ranch, and provide an atmosphere in which she can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

We will teach her skills that will help her have positive relationships in her life and help her to communicate with others in a healthy way. We will strive to help her learn and apply everyday living skills, and to adapt problem-solving techniques in meeting the demands that life places on her.

We will strive to be open in our communication, honest in trying to work with you and your daughter, and trustworthy to strive to complete the task you have placed in our hands.

The Benefits that your daughter will receive from Trinity Teens Christian Summer Camp Program for Girls

The purpose of a Christian summer camp for girls is to change negative conduct, mold character and bring about results in your daughter that will dramatically improve her life. But unlike most other Christian summer camps for girls, Trinity Teen Solutions provides your family with distinctive programs based on the hope and love of God that are designed to develop specific behaviors.

After your daughter completes her stay at Trinity’s Christian summer camp for girls, most parents will notice their daughters have:

  • Developed a strong sense of self, including an understanding of her strengths and weaknesses.
  • Become more respectful to herself and others.
  • Developed and improved her relationship with God.
  • Learned to rely on the Holy Spirit and her conscience when making decisions.
  • Connected with others honestly.
  • Begun to take responsibility for her own actions.
  • Improved how she views and values herself.
  • An increased desire for wholesome adolescent activities such as school, family time, work, healthy peer relationships and extracurricular pursuits.