Skilled Services

Personal Evaluation & Treatment

Personal Evaluation & Treatment

After an initial complete evaluation, your daughter’s individual treatment plan will be developed, taking into consideration her unique issues, her particular diagnoses, her ability to process information, assessing her current coping skills, intellectual capabilities, personality traits, her natural gifts and talents and her response to past treatments. She will also be required to continue her education while at our inpatient mental health facility for adolescent girls.

Based on her physical condition and discharge goals, we’ll create a list of activities, responsibilities, spiritual exercises and fellowship opportunities best suited for your daughter. This agenda will work to improve virtues and positive characteristics while reducing the occurrence of negative behavior and outbursts.

Your daughter will learn new skills in therapy such as effective coping skills, self-soothing skills, emotional regulation, mindfulness, distress tolerance skills, communication skills, life skills, anger control, and impulse control and will be expected to practice these new skills throughout the day in her interactions with others, role-playing, and in therapy.

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First-Class Care from Experienced Staff

Patients’ safety, security, and treatment is protected through intense 24-hour supervision and monitoring by a highly trained and specialized staff. With a 1:5 staff-to-patient ratio, we specialize in treating trauma, sexual abuse, adoption issues, divorce issues, addictions, borderline personality disorder, behavioral issues, depression, anger and suicidal patients.

We are uniquely qualified and specialized in treating adolescent girls’ issues, such as:

  • Trauma
  • Hopelessness
  • Depression
  • Self-harm
  • Apathy
  • Sexual promiscuity
  • Impulsivity
  • Anxiety
  • Attention seeking
  • Substance abuse
  • Manipulative behaviors

Medication Management

Upon being admitted to Trinity’s residential treatment center, your daughter will also have a complete initial psychiatric evaluation. Our first course of action is to assess the effectiveness of your daughter’s current medication regimen or need for medications and to make any changes or adjustments as needed. Many struggling teens come to us with behavioral and emotional issues for which they take medication. With medications being managed by a licensed psychiatrist and/or psychiatric nurse practitioner as well as registered nurses, we are fully equipped to manage prescription drugs, evaluate progress and make changes as needed while monitoring for adverse drug reactions.

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Nutritional Meals

We offer quality nutrition specifically designed for teens at risk to build up their health and mental wellbeing. Girls enjoy meals with staff in our family style dining room.

Transition Support

Transition Support

In order to better serve our patients and their families, Trinity Teen Solutions is proud to provide a Partial Hospitalization Program, also known as PHP at our sister program Heavens Peak Behavioral Health Services. After residential treatment, many patients transition into standard outpatient care, which includes weekly sessions of individual therapy, and possibly group therapy as well. However, a transition from 40 hours a week of therapeutic care to 1 or 2 per week can be disorienting. It’s easy for patients to default back into old patterns of behavior, forgetting the many new tools and skills that they learned in residential therapy.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program bridges this gap. It can also act as an alternative to residential care as long as it’s implemented before a patient has reached a crisis point. PHP programs provide a balance between the 24-hour supervision of a residential program and the minimal therapeutic support of regular outpatient programs. During a partial hospitalization program, patients can practice skills learned in therapy while they transition into regular life at home, work, and in the community. When patients return home each evening, they’re able to continue learning and practicing self-management and coping skills in their home setting

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Intense Outpatient Program (IOP) or Day Treatment

To further support the success of girls attending Trinity Teen Solutions, we also offer an intensive outpatient program at our sister program Heavens Peak Behavioral Health Services, also known as IOP, or day treatment. This helps girls to make a smoother transition into life at home after residential treatment.