Individual, Group, and Family Therapy

Individual, Group, and Family Therapy

Group and Family Therapy

Here at Trinity Teen Solutions in Wyoming, we only take a limited number of patients for our residential treatment facility at a time. Only having 14 beds allows us to personalize treatment to each girl’s needs. We want time to focus on what’s going on in her life and give her one-on-one treatment in a family-like setting. Every girl’s treatment plan will include a combination of individual, group, and family therapy. We specialize in treating trauma, sexual abuse, adoption issues, divorce issues, borderline personality disorder, behavioral issues, depression, anger and suicidal patients.

Individual Therapy

There are some things that are simply best handled in a one-on-one environment. Dealing with specific behaviors, setting personal goals, and trying new coping techniques and habits can all happen in an intimate conversation between a patient and a counselor, especially when relationships of trust and confidence are developed. Trinity Teen Solutions strives to help girls understand more about themselves and their situation, as well as their relationship with God. By using evidence-based approaches to mental and emotional challenges, we help girls identify the root of behavior problems and equip them with coping tools that can serve them in the future. Our experienced and personable staff help girls to make plans for the future and troubleshoot harmful behavior.

Group Therapy

Often, girls who come to Trinity Teen Solutions residential treatment center are surprised and relieved to meet others who have experienced the same challenges that they have. Patients who come to us struggle with a variety of problems, from borderline personality disorder to PTSD. Because each individual must find their own way to recovery it can often help to hear about solutions that have helped others. This can help girls to discover their own path to peace and healing.

All group therapy are facilitated and supervised by licensed therapists who are experienced in these kinds of settings, so that girls can get the most out of their interactions. Often, the support of the community that girls find at Trinity Teen Solutions is one of the biggest factors for change and recovery.

Family Therapy

We believe that God created us in family groups for a reason. We need each other’s support and strength in order to face the challenges that life throws our way.

Sometimes, those challenges actually have roots in the family system itself. Other times, there are simply walls between us that must be breached in order to achieve true healing. This will be facilitated by a licensed professional counselor who knows how to manage the complicated and very sensitive dynamics of a family. Trinity Teen Solutions wants to build up not only the individual girl, but the whole family and help everyone come away with tools that will facilitate better interactions and communication.

We think it’s important to have parents participate in the development of the individual treatment plan and let them know what’s going on with their daughter at our residential treatment facility. We know that you’re concerned and that you love your daughter, and we want you to be a part of the process of healing and change that happens here.

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