Self Image Issues and Troubled Girls

Self Image Issues and Troubled Girls

Trinity Teen Solutions
is a Christian based residential treatment center offering programs to help troubled girls who have self image issues. Our same sex environment allows teenage girls to feel comfortable enough to be open and build strong peer support which is essential in the recovery and treatment process. We combine the key elements essential in effectively treating teens with underlying and unresolved issues, providing animal therapy and equine assisted therapy to produce long-term results. Trinity Teen Solutions is dedicated to offering help and hope to families in need and we are designed to generate an opportunity for change through a personal relationship with Christ. Please call 307-202-8400 for more information.

Many of the problems troubled girls are facing in today’s world stem from self-image issues. Anger and violent behavior are usually the results of low self-image in teenage girls. When a girl has been taught to love and value herself, she is given the tools she needs to take control of her life and her feelings. This sense of control stills her anger and helps her make better behavioral decisions. Another aspect of low self-image in teenage girls leads to other life-threatening problems such as eating disorders. These issues stem from young girls placing their self-image in body image. Media influences are huge contributors to this problem.

Media Influence is a Contributor to Low Self Image in Troubled Girls

Too often troubled girls are confusing their self-image with their appearance. Using their bodies to seek relationships that are based on physical attraction, rather than real, genuine love which sometimes leads to violence in dating. The emotional & physical consequences of dating violence such as rape, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted disease, lead to even lower self-image issues among troubled teens. When a girl does not value herself, does not know who she is and where she’s headed, when she does not LOVE herself, she wants “love” from any source. Even if it’s not really love at all.

Yet, other problems with low self image can result in issues with drugs and alcohol. Some troubled girls go along with their troubled peers because they feel insecure with themselves and want to be seen as valuable. They may even use substances to self-medicate in an effort to “fill the void”. Whatever the case, the substance abuse usually starts with low self-image and keeps going because of low self-image.

At Trinity Teen Solutions, we understand these issues. We help troubled girls learn to love themselves, boosting their self image and helping them have a desire to take control of their own lives. Please call 307-202-8400 to speak to our Admission Counselor.