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Self Harm and Self-Defeating BehaviorsTTS is a Christian-based residential treatment center providing programs to help troubled girls who are using self harm and self-defeating behaviors to deal with the hardships of life. We offer on-site skilled and experienced, professional counselors to help our girls learn to love themselves again. We are uniquely equipped to helping them learn qualities of leadership, responsibility, and integrity, being sure that through Christ, the path to these qualities can be found. Along with daily opportunities for spiritual growth and development, we provide individualized services of academic study that are custom-made to meet the needs of each student. TTS is dedicated to helping girls from all backgrounds make successful transitions from adolescence to adulthood. Please call .

Due to the nature of the topic, many teens are not forthcoming about their self-harm. Accurate numbers about self-harm are difficult to get. However, researchers suggest that teens engage in high rates of self-harm around the age of 15. We, also know that girls are more than twice as likely as boys to cut their wrists and thighs, and to scratch or pinch themselves so hard that they leave a mark or bleed. However, most self-injuries go unaddressed because girls don’t tell their parents or therapists, or even their doctors, about their self-harm issues. This is upsetting, as self-harm and related self-defeating behaviors are highly treatable problems.

Reasons Girls engage in Self Harm and Self-Defeating Behaviors are listed below:

Increased attention
Cope with emotional pain in a physical way
Addiction to the “rush” of self-harm
Disconnect from something overwhelming
Acceptance of other “cutters”
Pre-suicide gesture
Cry for help
Art, blood is beautiful
To punish self or loved ones
A form of religious worship to redeem guilt
To feel again
To sense if self is real
Sexual pleasure

It is imperative that we provide other options for teenagers who are hurting themselves, yet have expressed a desire to stop. New habits and new coping skills provide a line of defense against self-harm, especially when the girl is feeling lonely. TTS can provide the right options, please call .