Running Away

Running away is a somewhat common behavior for troubled girls. There are many issues that can cause a teen to run away, but even in a bad situation, running away is one of the least desirable responses. Running away is typical among troubled girls who come from homes with family problems, abuse backgrounds, substances such as drugs and alcohol, or other home-centered problems. Running away behavior can also be the result of a sense of shame felt by a troubled girl, or possibly simply an act of rebellion. Trinity Teen Solutions is a Christian boarding school that can offer troubled girls counseling and spiritual guidance in order to confront the issues causing them to run away from home.

running awayRunning Away is Unacceptable Behavior

Running away is an especially dangerous behavior for young girls. Young girls are vulnerable to a wide world of predators who sadly would not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity to cause harm to a runaway. Running away can be a very confusing behavior to parents who feel that they are doing everything they can to make life acceptable for their troubled teen. Running away is not always a response to the behavior of parents or circumstances at home. Sometimes it is the result of depression, drug abuse or outside influences. Regardless, running away is dangerous behavior that must be prevented at all costs.

Trinity Teen Solutions Can Help Parents Of Teens Who Are Repeatedly Running Away

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are a Christian boarding school that can provide a range of alternative strategies to young girls who have yet to internalize the necessary positive values to help them make the best choice possible in any situation. Whether a teen is running away from a problem at home, or running away from a problem within herself, it is a reactionary behavior. We can help young girls develop the spiritual sense and self-confidence necessary to have faith in themselves and in the world at large. We can help your troubled girl find her place in the world.

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