Residential Treatment Center for Idaho’s Troubled Teens

Residential Treatment Center for Idaho’s Troubled Teens

Boise skyline view

Trinity Teen Solutions is a ranch and residential treatment center located deep in the heart of Wyoming. However, our special program brings in troubled teen girls from around the country, including nearby Idaho. What makes Trinity Teen so special is the natural beauty that surrounds it, as well as the working-ranch aspect, which allows us to teach girls responsibility, self-discipline, and natural living with hands-on experiential therapy. Our residential treatment center removes girls from the environment and influences that enabled their negative behavior. Free from the barrage of negative messages that modern living provides, as well as the peers who encourage unhealthy behaviors, girls are brought to a better understanding of natural consequences, their own self-worth, and their value in God’s eyes. Our world-class staff and unique residential facility bring in girls from many places within Idaho, including:

  • Boise
  • Meridian
  • Nampa
  • Idaho Falls
  • Pocatello

Statistics about Teens in Idaho

Few parents imagine that their teens will come across peer pressure to engage in normalized delinquent behavior in Idaho’s rural towns and even its larger suburban cities, like Meridian or Pocatello. However, Idaho has long struggled with certain issues that challenge teens disproportionately. This includes substance abuse of dangerous drugs like meth, which tends to affect people in rural areas more than in highly populated regions of America. A study by MSM in 2015 found that over 8% of Idaho teens had used illicit drugs at some point in their life. Additionally, Idaho still sees rates of teen pregnancy and teen drug use that are concerning to parents, with 23 births per 1,000 teenage girls. Our world is growing smaller and smaller, with natural borders of space and culture melting away by the ease and accessibility of technology. This can be a wonderful thing, but it can also bring dangerous peer influences and fads to our teens via social media and online forums.

Trinity Teen Is a Unique Treatment Center

Trinity Teen utilized personalized treatment plans to treat your daughter’s unique situation. Our thoroughly-vetted, on-site staff lives and works with the girls side by side in the residential treatment center, and provides professional and compassionate care with evidence-based therapy methods. The unique setting enables experiential therapy, as well as hands-on equine and animal therapy. Regular chores teach girls responsibility and the beautiful Wyoming sky and mountains open girls’ eyes to the beauty and majesty of God’s creations. Call us today to learn what we can do to help your troubled teenage daughter. 307-202-8400.