Residential Treatment for Colorado’s Troubled Teens

Although the trip from Colorado to Wyoming may be long, upon arrival at Trinity Teen Residential Treatment Center, you’ll realize that this trip was more than worth it. There are many reasons why you would want to travel to Wyoming for your troubled teen daughters’ residential treatment.

We at Trinity Teen Solutions specialize in helping your daughter reconnect with herself, as well as her relationship with God, in a safe environment. There are few places more beautiful than our area of Wyoming, and being in such a beautiful place helps your daughter observe this beautiful world that was created for us and reflect upon her choices.

Colorado is ranked one of the highest states for drug abuse and substance addiction. In fact, it ranks 3rd in overall drug use for the entire country.

Colorado is also among the top 4 states with the highest rate of cocaine abuse in 2017. In addition, Colorado is among the top 2 states with the highest rate of painkiller addiction.