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Relationship Issues in TeensTTS is a Christian-based residential treatment center for teens who experience relationship issues. We provide faith-based training, counseling and education to struggling girls. At TTS, our teenagers are immersed in a home environment with the care and concern of loving, highly-trained staff who live on campus to provide full nurturing benefits. Through a Christian approach of prayer and worship, troubled teens can learn integrity and responsibility. A large part of healing includes family counseling, giving parents hope in family restoration, while keeping them well informed of their daughter’s progress. For more information, please call .

When your teen feels old enough to date, you may find yourself in alien territory as a parent. If you think your child is ready to date, your responsibility as a parent is giving your permission and then observing your teen’s relationships carefully.

Some teens are ill-prepared for the intense feelings that accompany dating, which is why teens can find themselves infatuated. Through infatuation, you may notice your teen cutting off other friends and family members in favor of her boyfriend, obsessing over the relationship and becoming deeply depressed when they are not together. A healthy relationship is one where your teen maintains her separate identity. Allowing the infatuation and obsession to progress can only cause problems when your teen and her boyfriend break up.

Jealousy is Common Issues in Teen Relationships

Teens, especially those who are experiencing their first relationships, may not be able to recognize some of the new feelings and emotions. Jealousy is common in teen relationships, as most teens are around various members of the opposite sex at school and extracurricular activities. If jealousy rears its ugly head, a relationship can quickly turn into isolation and abuse. This can range from incidents that are immature and dramatic to those that are serious and violent. It is important to not freak out so that you can keep the lines of communication open because you will want your teen to be comfortable talking to you about ways to deal with jealousy, and how to create a healthy relationship.

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