Raising Girls With A Strong Sense of Self-Worth

By: Jerry Woodward

Raising Girls With A Strong Sense of Self-Worth

Trinity Teen Solutions
is a Christian focused residential treatment center for troubled girls who need help developing a strong sense of self-worth. Our program focuses on teaching self-esteem, self-motivation, self-confidence and governance in teen girls who are struggling with these issues. We provide successful strategies of achievement through rigorous therapeutic, educational and experiential activities. Education is a key component, stressing grade repair and credit recovery. If you are raising girls who are in the process of developing self-worth and need help,call Trinity Teen Solutions at 307-202-8400 for more information.

Helping teen girls to develop self-worth improves their skills to be creative and learn to love others. It is a combination of the love they get from their parents and good education. Developing self-worth makes teenagers creative and loving individuals. Teen girls need to be happy with themselves and believe that they are valued. Self-worth is and will be closely related to future happiness and success in life.

Self-development and governance programs that help to develop self-love, motivation, and self-respect in troubled teens are generally very beneficial. Studies on the treatment of behavioral or mental health disorders have shown that helping teens to establish boundaries for themselves and becoming role models to other teens or younger children are effective in developing self-worth and reducing the risk of misbehavior in teen girls.

Common Ways to Help Develop Self-Worth in Teen Girls

Learn to listen
Find things to value and appreciate
Allow her to make her own decisions
Respect her thoughts
Demonstrate your affection
Share your feelings
Show unconditional love
Embrace her individuality
Take her feelings seriously
Spend quality time with her
Respect her personal property
Give her responsibility
Avoid giving conflicting messages

Studies suggest that the most important way to raise girls with a strong sense of self-worth is to make them feel loved and talented. For parents, your actions and manner of speaking will demonstrate this to them every day.

If your teen is struggling with low self-worth, this issues can bring on many additional problems in her life. If you are seeking professional services, we want to help. Call Trinity Teen Solutions at 307-202-8400 to speak with an Admissions Counselor and receive the help your child needs and deserves.