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Programs for Troubled TeensTT Solutions is a faith based residential treatment center offering programs for troubled teens. We provide a highly regulated setting where Christian values are taught. We believe that all children would rather succeed than fail, and understand that the significance we all seek can be found in a personal relationship with God. By teaching individualized programs of leadership, academic study, conformity to authority, fundamentals of building character, importance of sportsmanship and spirituality, our students will have a better chance at a productive future. For more information, call TTS at .

Parents, if your family life is in turmoil from the bad behavior and emotional issues of your teenager and you are looking for residential treatment for troubled girls, you have many options. But, finding a facility that provides residential, educational and therapeutic services with drug and alcohol treatment, addiction programs, life skills, healthy living, counseling, mentorship, relationship repair and spiritual awareness is quite rare and TTS is a unique facility offering the full spectrum of opportunities where teenage girls learn to live independently, becoming successful young adults.

Troubled teenagers will experience consequences like juvenile court or worse if parents are not vigilant about finding the right programs. One of the most difficult issues a parent faces is how to know if their child is at risk for self-destructive behaviors like substance abuse, violence, suicide, depression or school failure for instance.

Some common warning signs for Troubled Teens who are At Risk for Self-Destructive Behaviors

Conflict with family
Blatant disregard of rules
Withdrawn from family
Abrupt change in personality
Never at fault
Uncontrollable anger
Poor emotional control
Lying – stealing
Lack of motivation
A sudden drop in school performance
Extreme mood swings
Abnormal financial changes
Questionable peers
Runs away
Conduct disorder
Hanging with the wrong crowd
Bipolar disorder
Low self-esteem

If you are looking for programs for troubled teens and need help in finding the right situation, please call TTS at to speak with our Admissions Counselor about our successful programs that are available to your child and your family.