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{loadposition parent2}Our Troubled Teen Treatment Program is committed to healing not only your daughter but your whole family. We have found that the number one key to your daughter’s success is your success. It is not only what she achieves through her changes and emotional growth, but what you have also achieved through your changes and growth as a family system that can affect the change you are looking for. T is dedicated in providing the parents with the tools to assist this process.

Our Programs for Troubled Teens Has a 96% Success Rate because of the emphasis on the Family Systems Therapy.

Experiential therapy heals the woundedness within
We believe that a healthy family is made up of persons who help, share, respect, give and receive well. If one member of the family is out of sorts, this effects the entire family. The family as a whole is woven tightly with its members. We believe that for a family to function in a healthy way the members must work together as a system.

We help make changes with your daughter, you as parents and your entire family. We help you examine your thoughts, behavior, and attitudes. We help you see your own part in your family and identify what you need to change.

We also believe that families are healthier when parents model the behavior they want from their children. Strong, healthy parents have the courage to look at themselves first and fix what ails them. When parents go first, children most often follow their example. You are the most important key to your daughter’s success in our troubled teen treatment program!

Our troubled teen treatment program focuses on the Family System as our main treatment approach. An important part to the T Program takes place with you at home. While your daughter is learning and growing with us, you too are learning and growing at home.

Our staff helps you examine your effectiveness as persons, partners and parents. Success in each role makes a healthier family. We look at your responses to the problems in your life. We help you identify your problems and help you outline new solutions. We offer guidance and clear strategies in a compassionate way.

Together, we acknowledge the real problems and give up the illusion that things will be better when someone else is different. We help you identify the healthy aspects of your family life. We re-vamp the things that are unhealthy and, identify on-going needs and problems.

You will have access to Parent Counseling Portals and other helpful information and resources while your daughter is in our troubled teen program.

  • Parent Handbook
  • Holy Cowgirl Manual-(your daughters handbook)
  • Family Soul-utions (Parent Level System)
  • Local Community Resources like, lodging, dining, site seeing
  • Nutritional supplement information
  • Directions to our treatment program
  • Local weather information

After your daughter is admitted into our troubled teen treatment program you will be provided with a username and password to enter the Parent Counseling Portal Web Site.