Online Addiction

Everyday, more young girls are developing an online addiction. The modern world has delivered many new distractions and temptations that make it harder to be a young person with each passing year. Online addictions are sadly common these days, with many troubled girls devoting the bulk of their lives to sitting, glued in front of the screen, blood shot eyes unblinking in the blue glow of the monitor’s light. These troubled teens are missing out on some of the best years of their lives. Missing out on making connections and meaningful real world relationships, forming lifelong friendships. Trinity Teen Solutions is able to offer assistance to parents trying to help their troubled daughters suffering from an online addiction.

online addiction

An Online Addiction Can Be Stifling For Troubled Girls

The internet has revolutionized humanity, making all of the information and media, all of the goods and services and all of the distractions and content available at the click of a button. There are some who long for a simpler way of living. There are some who embrace this new techno-society and all of the changes it brings. But quite apart from the partisan contest, it’s easy to agree that troubled girls who devote their adolescence to sitting in front of a screen are misspending their youth. An online addition prevents girls from developing behaviors that will help them to assimilate in society successfully, and may prevent them from achieving to their fullest potential. Some research suggests that the internet may actually be impairing our cognitive functions and destroying our memories.

A Christ-Centric Approach Toward Curing Online Addiction

Trinity Teen Solutions is a residential treatment facility providing Christ-centered treatment to troubled girls at our 4,000 acre ranch in Wyoming, at the foot of the scenic Beartooth mountain range. Our program is designed to help young girls develop meaningful social connections, to attune themselves to the responsibilities of their impending maturity, to complete their academic obligations successfully, and to realize their own God-given talents.

To learn how Family Systems Therapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy and basic Christian moral principles can help your troubled teen, call Trinity Teen Solutions at 307-202-8400.