Nature vs Nurture and Depression in Troubled Girls

By: Angie Woodward

Nature vs Nurture and Depression in Troubled GirlsTTS is a faith-based residential treatment center with programs that offer help for troubled girls who are struggling with depression. We provide a very effective approach with an atmosphere of healing in a loving environment to help struggling girls achieve independence and a positive self-image. We believe everyone deserves a fresh start providing teens who struggle with anxiety and depression the right tools to change their lives and become happy and successful adults. If you have a child who is suffering with teenage depression and the issues associated with it, call TTS at to receive the help you need and deserve.

Is depression nature or nurture? Most likely, both. Depression is a complicated disorder in which both the environment and genes most likely play a role. According to some theories of depression, genetic disadvantage interacts with negative life experiences to cause depression. Research suggests that it is genetic weakness that makes some people more likely to develop depression, but scientists have not found a depression gene. Although, they are looking at a specific form of the dopamine transporter gene as the culprit.

Troubled Girls Respond to Depression in Different Ways

On the other hand, research has been done on the aspects of maternal parental rearing. Studies suggest that children who have been rejected by their mothers or receive physical punishment, hostility, lack of respect for their point of view, and unjustified criticism in front of others who also have this specific form of the dopamine transporter gene are at higher risk for major depression and suicide attempt. Although neither factor alone predicts depression.

Troubled girls can respond to depression in different ways. Sometimes the regular process of maturing often triggers it, while others simply display a depressed mood, have low self-esteem and are very critical of themselves. Newfound independence can often conflict with parents causing stress and argument. Also, adolescent girls are two times as likely as boys to experience depression. Because of bullying at school, learning disabilities, child abuse, sexual abuse and clinical disorders, depression in teens is a real problem.
Parents, if you are seeking professional help, your child can soon be on their way to recovery from battles with depression. Call TTs Solutions at to speak to our Admissions Specialist and start on a path of restored hope. We can help!