The throes of modern living have brought many luxuries to the people of the 21st century, but not all problems can be solved through the artificiality of technology. Sometimes, as human beings, it is necessary to spend some time in the natural world, in order to refresh our hearts and minds. Too much distance, for too long, between us and nature can lead to seclusion in a way that hurts our personal development. Here are many of the ways that nature recharges us…

Nature helps stress

In our last article, we mentioned how getting away from a chaotic environment, such as city living, can work as a way to relieve stress and regain your footing. This highlights a powerful effect that nature has on our sensibilities. When we get to immerse ourselves in a natural environment and take it in, it can serve to reset our perspectives. When we see how small we are, in the scope of all of nature, it makes our problems seem small, by proxy.

Nature brings happiness

A study conducted at Stanford University, in 2015, found that a natural environment evoked happier emotions in participants than an urban environment. Simply engaging on a 50-minute walk in nature was shown to reduce anxiety and make one more at peace with themselves. When we are able to let go in nature and empty our thoughts, it makes us more prepared to come back and handle the challenges that we must face in life.

Nature renews the mind

The Association for Psychological Science, in 2008, conducted a study to find out what the mental benefits of interacting with nature were. Unsurprisingly, the researchers found that time spent in nature improved participants’ ability to complete puzzles and cognitive challenges. Simply put, being in nature recharges the mind and reinvigorates it. Being away from nature leads to mental burnout, but engaging with nature opens up our thought process to new possibilities.