My Teen Daughter Wants to Start Birth Control – How to Respond

By: Angie Woodward

My Teen Daughter Wants to Start Birth Control - How to RespondTTS is a faith based residential treatment center providing a therapeutic setting in a Christian atmosphere to help troubled girls learn self-respect and the sensitive issues surrounding sexual behaviors. We offer programs that are designed to nurture respect, self-discipline and leadership, creating an atmosphere where teen girls can flourish, all while getting the quality education they need to graduate high school and prepare for college. For more information, call .

Most parents would prefer their teens to wait until they are much older to begin sexual
activity. With the issues of maturity, reputation, sexually transmitted diseases, responsibility,
moral codes, religious beliefs, and a bunch of other factors, most parents feel that allowing their teen daughters to take the birth control pill actually encourages early and frequent sexual behavior. Parents who do allow the pill may tell their daughter that they do not like the idea that they are considering having sexual relations, and try to dissuade them. But, to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, she should be taken to the doctor to start birth control.

Have a Direct Discussion With Your Daughter About The Consequences of Sexual Activity

Suggestions would be to have a direct discussion with your daughter and her boyfriend. Let them know how you feel about sexual activity before marriage. Discuss the consequences of sex, like a definite change in their relationship that can’t be reversed and how they might feel if they do break up in the future, having lost their virginity. Include the facts about sexually transmitted diseases. Ask how they will feel when others find out that they are being sexually active and what effect this will have on the rumors and relationships with friends. Talk about a thorough examination at the doctor and the possible side effects of the birth control pill.

But, take a look at the other side of the argument. Many, teens who do not take the pill engage in sex and some do become pregnant. If the daughter is forbidden to see her boyfriend, the chance of sexual behavior will be even greater. If they truly feel that they are in love many teens find ways to be with each other, leading to sneaky behavior and a loss of trust between parent and child.

There is no easy answer, it takes a complexity of understanding the realities of teens today, standing by your religious and moral views as much as possible, and valuing your
communication and relationship with your daughter. Keeping the lines of communication open between yourself and your child is very important.

If your teen daughter is engaging in risky behaviors and needs professional help, call to speak with our Admissions Specialist.