Mental Health Home for Idaho Girls

The mental health of your teenage daughter is vitally important as she moves through adolescence. During this period of her life, societal pressures, changing hormones, and daily stresses can develop changes in your child’s behavior that may seem alarming or harmful.

It can be challenging as a parent to care for a young woman who is struggling with mental or emotional issues and traumas. Often times this challenge comes from not knowing what to do during emotional outbursts at home, at school, or in any other part of her life. You may be feeling like her home is no longer a safe haven for her or yourself. It’s normal to feel hopeless in this situation and you may be seeking solutions to rebalance your teen’s life.

For Teenage Girls of Idaho

If you notice the signs of mental and emotional distress in your teen, it may be time to seek help from a professional team. Sometimes it’s difficult for parents to want to separate from their teens at such a difficult period in their lives, but often a residential treatment program is an ideal solution your daughter to work through her emotional traumas. Being away from home can be a challenge for young girls, but the Trinity Teen Solutions facility allows them to work through their underlying issues in a safe and healthy environment away from their current lifestyle. Trinity Teen Solutions offers onsite treatment to any Idaho families seeking the help they cannot currently provide. Our mental health home is located in Wyoming. This creates the distance they will need to separate from their current home, and school situations, but close enough to their families to involve themselves in the therapy process.

Christain Based Learning

Our healing process begins with determining what your daughter is struggling with emotional. Whether it’s depression, emotional trauma, substance abuse, or a combination of some or all of these things. Our program focus on faith-based learning in an intimate home-style environment.  Through Christian learning, and behavioral mentoring, each young girl in our care will grow to realize her own self-worth and dignity.

The team at Trinity Teen Solutions will guide her in developing spiritual and mental wellness, helping her to grow as an individual and in the image of her Savior. Our program will strengthen her character and remind her of the value of respectable moral behaviors and virtues. From patience and honesty to compassion and forgiveness. At Trinity Teen Solutions, our philosophy surrounds challenging the mind, body, and soul of each girl.

Personal Growth and Balance

Our goal is for your daughter to come home feeling healthy and happy. She should be able to reintegrate in her community and find a place for herself. We hope to instill in your child a sense of belonging to something greater than herself and give her an understanding that life is more than just about personal gain.

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If your teenage daughter is at-risk, give us a call today. If you have any questions about our program, we’ll be happy to answer them. We’ll here to help her realize her potential and find a happy future.