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Mental Health Treatment for Teen Girls

One of the most important jobs that a parent has is giving their kids the right life skills to survive in the world today. As parents, we strive to make sure that our daughters are ready for the challenges that lie in front of them. This task can be complicated, though, when you factor in troubled mental health. Teen girls who have mental health problems can develop problematic coping skills, or fail to deal with day-to-day aspects of everyday life.

Fixing these problems can be beyond your scope as a parent, and may require specialized care that can help teach positive coping mechanisms. Trinity Teen Solutions is a residential treatment center that helps teen girls overcome mental problems and grow as individuals.

About the Program at Trinity Teen/h3>

At Trinity Teen Solutions, we take in troubled teen girls who suffer from mental and behavioral disorders. Our program is built around treatment methods that utilize traditional therapeutic techniques, faith-based foundations, and critical life skills training that teaches responsibility and highlights growth.

Here are some of the key therapeutic methods that we use to treat teen girls and their mental health:

Another important aspect of our center is our Seeking Safety program, which is specifically designed to treat trauma and/or substance abuse in teenage women.

Accomplish Personal Growth

We have a strong faith-based foundation that underlies all of our treatment. Our program utilizes Christian teachings to help instill a culture of love, faith, and responsibility in the girls we treat. Our goal is to have these values be present in their lives beyond our ranch so that their behavior and actions are guided by a clear moral compass.

This personal growth can be broken down into several key categories:

  • Establishing honesty within oneself and to others
  • Self-control over difficult emotions
  • Ability to resist the influence of harmful impulses
  • Establishing a connection with other people and better social habits
  • Building a pattern of responsibility for one’s actions
  • Instilling a culture of self-discipline

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If you would like more information about our treatment program or need to find help for a daughter that you are at wits end with, then don’t hesitate to give our team a call today! Our experienced and caring staff can help you bring stability to your daughter’s life and behavior.