Mental Health Home for Colorado Girls

Mental Health Home for Colorado Girls

As parents, we do our best to give our teenage girls the life skills they need to adequately survive in the world outside of our homes, but what happens when we’re unable to get through to our troubled children?  The mental and emotional health of young women in our life is vitally important to their future. Adolescence is a difficult time for any teenager to traverse, but for some, it goes beyond a tough transitional period. Your daughter or loved one may be changing in ways that are harmful and alarming.

It can be a challenge to navigate around emotional outbursts, poor school performance, and isolation that often comes with depression, anxiety disorders, and potential addiction. You may feel that her problems are outgrowing your parental abilities and home life. If your home is no longer a safe haven for you or your child, this may be the time to look into mental health homes for your teen.

Why Our Program is Different

Unlike other residential treatment homes or therapeutic boarding schools, Trinity Teen Solutions works to create a close family-like environment for the girls in our care. We work with teens and their families to help each teen develop the skills necessary to build positive coping mechanisms. The outcome is a teen girl with the ability to keep healthy, positive relationships with those around her, and with herself.

It’s difficult to imagine being at a distance from a loved one as they work through their personal struggles. Because of this, the central location of Trinity Teen Solutions in the heart of Wyoming makes it ideal for Colorado families. The closeness of our facility will put you at ease. As our program addresses family issues, the closeness makes it easier for whole families to work together in family therapy, while also being distant enough from the negative influences and environment she was previously in.

Christain Healing and Learning

Our programs are centered around Christian teachings, morals, and ethics. Our distinctive programs work to help your child recognize the love and hope that God can provide. God has given them a chance with us to realize what a happy and healthy and happy life can be. We hope to instill the virtues that will help them grow throughout their adolescence and adulthood. After her time with us she should:

  • Have the ability to be open and honest with others as well as herself
  • Control her emotions through difficult situations
  • Control her impulses
  • Connect with others
  • Take responsibility for her future and her actions
  • Have motivation and self-discipline

With a greater understanding of how to manage themselves and work within the world around them, they’ll possess the self-esteem, confidence, and self-reliance to be a willing participant within your family, her school, and her community.

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If your daughter is having a tough time emotionally or mentally, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Contact us anytime with your questions, or to talk with our team about our unique program. We’d love to help your teen with her struggles and help her uncover a better future for herself.