Christian-focused Behavioral Treatment at Trinity Teen Solutions

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Does your teen daughter have behavior problems? Does she struggle with concepts like respect, integrity, and morality? Are you concerned about her mental health? Trinity Teen Solutions takes on the challenge of creating real change in the teenage girls who come into our care.

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    We believe that personal growth in these girls come from a mixture of therapeutic modalities, as well firm spiritual foundation the tenets Christianity.

    Modalities in Our Program

    What Does Personal Growth Look Like at Trinity Teen Solutions?

    A girl who undergoes the program at Trinity Teen Solutions will experience the following changes:

    • Becomes more respectful to herself and others
    • Increases ability to regulate heightened emotions
    • Control over anger, impulsiveness, perfectionism, and anxiety
    • Develops a higher sense of motivation, self-disciple, confidence, and dignity
    • Establishes a profound moral compass that guides her character
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