Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem seems to be on the rise among the troubled girls of America. It could be that the role models that many young girls look to for guidance exemplify a superficial appeal without beneath-the-surface traits that add value and worth to a young girl’s life. It could also be that troubled girls often grow up in situations where their self-worth is negatively reinforced whether by inattentive parents, or in a tendency that is becoming all too common, by a society that increasingly treats women with disdain. There are many examples of men who denigrate women in popular media, but too few examples of role-model worthy women in the popular consciousness. Trinity Teen Solutions can help troubled girls work through their low self-esteem issues.

low self-esteem

Trinity Teen Solutions Can Help Troubled Girls Struggling With Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem often starts at a young age. Many young girls are not encouraged to feel good about themselves for their natural virtues, and are instead judged by their adherence to contemporary standards of beauty or conformity to stereotypical attributes. In order to reach the full potential of their future, troubled girls must develop a positive self-image and foster self-esteem that inherents their true value and worthiness to be loved and accepted by their family and friends.

Christian Based Support For Low Self-Esteem

Trinity Teen Solutions is a Christian-based residential treatment facility that can help troubled girls overcome issues related to low self-esteem. Our Christian message emphasizes traditional values that help young girls through traditional therapy and by understanding a deep and consoling spiritual message. Faith is a guiding principle that can guide troubled girls through all of the trials and adversity they will face in their lives. Low self-esteem is the result of feeling unloved in some way, but by accepting God’s love many young girls will find that their self-esteem reflects the joy of their faith.

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