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Lacks MotivationTTS is a Christian based residential treatment center for troubled girls. Do you have a child who lacks motivation? We are experienced in helping teenagers who struggle with motivation issues. We provide an accredited school to help girls graduate and repair their credit. We take a biblical approach to a combination of therapies where families are actively involved in the process and are trained right along with the teen. If you are the parent of a teenage girl who lacks motivation and needs help, the time to act is now. The professionals at TTS are available by calling .

Many teens are underachievers; although capable of the work, lack the motivation to succeed. Today we worry about getting our children through high school, not to mention the competition to get into good colleges. The teens that go to school for their social life, are usually the underachievers and lack motivation for academics. These are students that can do the work, are highly intelligent, but have decided that their friends are more important. An underachiever can also be the child that doesn’t want to go to school. In some cases they are distracted by emotional or psychological issues and there may also be some learning disabilities not diagnosed.

Teens Who Lack Motivation Need Someone to Believe in Them

Teenagers need the motivation to set themselves up in situations where they can experience small successes. Most likely, they have not been successful in the past and do not believe they can be successful in the future. They need someone to believe in them so they can learn to believe in themselves. Teens who lack motivation can become easily bored with repetitive tasks. But, the success they will feel from completing multiple tasks can work wonders for motivation.

When parents ask, “How do I motivate my teen?” they usually mean, “How do I get my teen to do what I want? How do I get her to have some balance in her life? How do I get her off the computer, get outside, or do just about anything except sitting around doing nothing?” Teenagers need encouragement to feel motivation. Do not give up on them. Please call TTS at to speak to our Admissions Counselor and learn of the options available.