Jerry Woodward


Jerry Woodward

Administrative Director and Owner


 I was raised in Casper Wyoming. I have a vast amount of experiences from being a certified welder and welding shop foreman, managing employees that have addiction and aggression issues to going to the Police academy and serving as a Deputy on the sheriff’s department. Both of these jobs provided me with experience in working with individuals that have many self-destructive issues, were victims to violence, suffered from trauma, sadness and grief.

In 1997, my family and I moved to work at a Christian treatment program for teens. I worked closely with the youth in my care, teaching the youth mechanics, construction, farming, ranching and veterinary medicine. I was quickly promoted to a manager of the program and from that experience I learned what works and what doesn’t work in treating at risk youth and their families.

In 2002, I answered God’s call to design and start an all-girls, small, Christian residential treatment program called Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. As the director, I specialize in treating trauma from sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuses, adoption, divorce, grief/loss and addictions, just to name a few.

I have created a treatment program with the philosophy unlike the sterile, impersonal, secular programs out there. My program model is to provide therapy that does not feel like therapy to the client, so that it is real to them. By mentoring and teaching life and social skills to young women, their everyday activities don’t feel like therapy and they are more responsive to growth and change. Also, when clients live in a safe, loving and small, Christian family-style setting, they feel safe enough to look at the real issues that has brought them into treatment, empowering them to face their trauma and inner woundedness. When you couple that with living on a working ranch and taking care of the animals that need them for their survival, it encourages the clients to overcome their low self-esteem, see their greatness and have the courage to work on their self-destructive behaviors and maladaptive coping mechanisms.

Besides being the founder and director of Trinity Teen Solutions that has served 100’s of young woman and their families, I am also a loving father of 4 children and have been married to my wife since 1987. I love God, my family, my faith, hard work, football, golf and the outdoors.

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