Is your current living situation toxic? Are your friendships or relationships toxic? Are you toxic to your own wellbeing? The answers to these questions are never simple. It takes time to understand and accept that toxic environments exist around you. If you know the answer to any or all of the above questions is “yes”, then it’s time to ask yourself or a loved one in this position, how are you working to change this?

If you’ve noticed that you’re living situation is furthering unhealthy behaviors within yourself, it might be time for a change. Whether you’re experiencing traumatic stress, a variety of family issues, or relationship issues, what you’re likely experiencing in your environment is damaging your current state of being. If you’re already experiencing emotional instability, mental or behavioral problems, or are relying on substances to lessen the tension in your life, your situation is highly toxic and it’s time to seek help.

Why It’s Important to Understand Your Environment?

A toxic environment is never one where a teen in trouble can find betterment. An environment that causes more trauma over positive ways of coping will only continue to bring a young girl down. It’s difficult and even dangerous to assume that any person who is visibly deteriorating can get better if they stay put. If you’re struggling for emotional stability or even personal safety, it’s time to find a space that fosters something different.

Where Can You Fix the Problem?

One solution to help balance out a teen’s life is allowing them to stay in a girl’s home, or seek residential treatment. Not only does it take them away from a toxic setting, but in the case that a teenage girl can no longer see that her environment is harming her, she can contemplate her need for change elsewhere.

Uprooting your life is never easy. Separation from friends, family, and feeling like life is passing you by while you’re away, is a difficult reality to accept. Although ultimately, staying in a girl’s is a safe and practical answer to an otherwise unsafe space, it can be tough to ask someone to immediately transition their attitude to be thankful for this opportunity for change.

Being away from home gives a young girl an ample amount of time to engage in a therapeutic process when they feel ready. Digging down deep and looking at your own underlying issues can feel overwhelming and traumatic. Forcing that sort of reflection is never the answer, but allowing a girl to look at her emotional, behavioral, or substance issues on her own time can create actual change.

Is It Worth the Initial Struggle?

Every young girl is intelligent, personable, and more than capable of living a happy and successful life. However, if they’re using their emotional intelligence to advance their negative actions, furthering their emotional damage, it’s time for something different. Sending a young girl to a cold and clinical environment may be a simple choice, but for long-term recovery, it’s not entirely practical. Finding a space that is built around a home-like environment—where care is not only centered around substance rehabilitation—can help a teen heal in a deeper way.

You Can’t Change When You Don’t Try

We can’t always change the toxicity of the environment we exist in. Just leaving doesn’t guarantee your situation will get better. In fact, without dealing with the internal problems first, a new setting is as useful as a band-aid on an internal wound. Spending time in a girl’s home, or residential treatment facility like Trinity Teen Solutions gives you the chance to find healthy and constructive behaviors to tackle any challenge that comes your way. It prepares you for the transition back home and helps you to develop safe environments within yourself.