Intense Outpatient Program (IOP) or Day Treatment

Intense Outpatient Program (IOP) or Day Treatment

To further support the success of girls attending TTS, we also offer an intensive outpatient program at our sister program Heavens Peak Behavioral Health Services, also known as IOP or day treatment. This helps girls to make a smoother transition into life at home after residential treatment.

IOP Bridges the Gap Between Residential Care and Life at Home

Residential treatment includes around 40 hours a week of therapeutic support, and supervision 24 hours a day. After the program, most girls immediately transition to 1-2 hours of general outpatient therapy per week. This is a huge contrast, and can make it difficult for many girls to continue practicing new skills and reach goals that they’ve set for themselves in residential therapy. Intensive outpatient therapy offers 16-30 hours of therapeutic care per week, which helps bridge the gap between residential therapy and living at home.

With her time in intensive outpatient therapy, the patient can practice specific skills in a helpful, monitored environment. These skills will include effective communication, setting boundaries, impulse control, managing triggers and cravings, effective coping skills and social skills. Furthermore, as we are able to observe and work with girls in an outpatient setting, we’re able to get important feedback so that we can adapt treatment and see what needs to be reviewed, emphasized, or approached from a different angle. This feedback and adaptation is also very useful for girls in treatment, as well as their parents. We’ve learned that having a transitional time increases patient outcomes and provides longer-lasting change.

Intensive Outpatient Programs Are Best-Suited for Patients Who:

  • Are continuing to experience moderate psychiatric symptoms, including symptoms that, untreated, would require continued residential therapy.
  • Continue to have symptoms which interrupt normal function in school, family, socialization, and other activities.
  • Have a stable housing situation, as well as reliable transportation to and from the IOP facility.
  • Are able and willing to work in a group therapy setting.
  • Need more care and supervision than is available in more relaxed outpatient settings.
  • Aren’t a danger to either themselves or others.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program Format:

  • According to the patient’s needs, an Individualized Treatment Plan is created in order to answer to her unique situation.
  • Patient attends 16-30 hours per week of therapeutic treatment which includes group, family, and individual therapy with licensed counselors.
  • Medication is managed by either a psychiatrist or a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner.
  • Patients continue to work on their schooling through coordination with parents, program managers, and educators.
  • Special family therapy sessions help parents and children to troubleshoot problems in communication and behavior at home.
  • Programs directed at building and practicing social skills continue, reinforcing the patient’s ability to set boundaries, control impulses, respect authority, and sustain healthy social relationships.

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