I Thought This Only Happened to Bad Kids: My Teen Daughter Was Expelled From School


I Thought This Only Happened to Bad Kids: My Teen Daughter Was Expelled From School

I’m not going to lie, I get a kick out of this statement because there are way too many parents who think their rotten kids are perfect. Gasp! Oh no, not MY child! Possibly it is time to stop the superior attitude that your kid would never do anything wrong because of your perfect parenting. Studies suggest that 96 percent of the mothers and fathers in this country think that their children are well-mannered little angels. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Good Kids Can Also Be Bad Kids

No adolescent is 100 percent perfect. They all make mistakes and while there are a handful of teenagers who are exceptionally well-behaved, most are involved in the many different types of struggles that plague our society, today. So any parent who says “my child would never do that” is duping themselves.

When parents are not willing to admit that their children act like other teens, from fighting at school, back-biting friends, gossiping, sending mean text messages, cheating on tests or getting expelled from school to more serious self-defeating actions, then they could be setting their teenagers up for failure. When moms and dads can admit that their teenager is at fault or has made the wrong choice, they can take that opportunity to teach them how to change their behavior.

Don’t Be Blinded By Arrogance

Now, it is good to think so highly of one’s children. That is a parent’s job; to build confidence, encouragement and see to it that their adolescent is supported. There is even no problem with those who think their kid is a genius or a super athlete or otherwise extraordinary. Even if they are totally wrong, there is no harm in it. However, there is a problem with those who let their adolescents get away with bad behavior because they are blinded by arrogance.