How Much Should Parents Know About Their Teen Daughter’s Sex Life?

How Much Should Parents Know About Their Teen Daughter's Sex Life?TTS is a Christian focused residential treatment center providing a therapeutic setting in a Christian atmosphere to help troubled girls cope with the sensitive issues surrounding sex and risky behaviors. Our desire and goal is to encourage and nurture respect, self-discipline, leadership and create an atmosphere where young women flourish every single day. We aim to impress upon our student’s responsibility and honesty while providing them the opportunity for a quality education. For more information on how we can help your struggling teen, call .

Researchers say that teenagers are starting to experiment with sex way too early. Teens from across the U.S. give accounts of engaging in sexual behavior at a young age with disastrous results. What used to be happening after teens got their driver’s licenses is now happening in 8th grade. Even Christian teens are not safe to the unrestrained sexual temptations bombarding their generation. In fact, research shows, teens pledging virginity until marriage are just as likely to have STDs as their peers.

Why Are Parents the Last to Know?

It is important for parents to know what is going on in their teen daughter’s sex life. The physical and emotions problems associated with teen sexual activity are well-known. Every day teenagers become infected by a sexually transmitted disease which not only can be life threatening but also, can have effects on their future relationships. The problems of pregnancy and out-of-wedlock childbearing are severe; some end with botched abortions leaving the teenager sterile or scarred for life. These young mothers and their children have an extremely high probability of long-term poverty and welfare dependence.

The reason parents are often the last to know about their teen’s sex life is because parents do not fully understand how commonplace these sexual behaviors have become in their children’s generation. The teens have been desensitized by the sexual messages on television, in movies, in magazines, and from their friends. When parents discover that their daughter has been sexually active, it is important to handle the situation in a healthy way.

If your teen is having sex, it can create social labeling as well as legal implications. Parents are often unsure how to handle these situations or where to turn for help. TTS has a program to help teenage girls and their families cope with these very sensitive issues. For more information, call .