How Can I Understand My Daughter’s Pain When I’m A Happy, Well Adjusted Person?


How Can I Understand My Daughter's Pain When I'm A Happy, Well Adjusted Person?

Mental health issues are difficult to fully understand if you have never experienced them yourself. The struggle lies primarily in the fact that it is an unseen illness. If your daughter broke her arm, you would not need much prodding to take her to a doctor. The injury is quite obvious as is her physical pain. Mental illness is hard to understand even for the person who possesses it. Most of the time, your daughter may not know anything different than what she has felt and doesn’t realize their mind operates differently than others. Most often, it is recognized by someone who understands the signs and indicators, usually another adult or a school counselor who deals with these issues.

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It May Be Difficult to Understand

If you are a happy well-adjusted person and sincerely wish to understand your daughter’s pain, then there are few things you should keep in mind. Do not pass judgment on her thoughts and feelings. If she says she feels a certain way or perceives reality in a light that doesn’t make sense to you, believe her. If a daughter feels her parents doubt her, she may doubt herself which will make her pain even worse. Listen and listen and listen. Don’t wait for your opportunity in the conversation to tell her what to do or give her resolutions, just listen. Ask her questions and be sincere and compassionate. If she feels judgment or disapproval in your words or body language it is likely she will stop talking and not feel safe sharing with you anymore. A professional counselor is best suited to help you understand your daughter’s pain as they can assess what she may be feeling or experiencing. Call one of our advisors at Trinity Teen Solutions at 307-202-8400.