Holistic Program

Evidence Based Therapies Improve Her MIND

Through a variety of specifically designed evidenced-based treatment approaches and tailored therapeutic methods, your daughter will learn to cope with her emotions and not be a risk to either herself or others. Your daughter will participate in individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy, under the supervision of a licensed professional counselor on a daily basis. She will also be seen by a psychiatrist for medication management on a weekly basis.

Some examples of the evidenced based therapies utilized in our therapy sessions are:

Safe Environment Nurtures Her BODY

We take your daughter out of the situations that foster her struggles and bring her to God’s country where she can commune with nature, with her Heavenly Father, and with other girls who are also on the road to recovery. In order to ensure your daughter receives the best personalized care and treatment, we only enroll 14 girls at a time in our residential program.

Practicing Faith Renews Her SOUL

Likewise, we work on your child’s spiritual development, increasing her inner strength and peace. Hard work, traditional values, and quiet time to reflect and pray all lead to a better perspective on life that is refreshing to many of the girls who come to our facility.

We also encourage your daughter to grow in virtues such as patience, mercy, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, respect, motivation, honesty, self-control and responsibility. As she practices these, she will internalize these coping skills and characteristics as her own.

In order to build and nurture faith at our all-girls residential treatment facility, we utilize several methods:

Faith-Based Counseling

While working through personal issues that lead to behavioral problems, we bring God into the discussion to help girls understand that they can be forgiven, and they can forgive themselves and move forward.

Peaceful Retreat

We provide as many opportunities as possible for girls to enjoy the glory of God’s creations. From animal husbandry to rides out in the beautiful countryside, girls find God as a more immediate presence in their lives, and learn to live with gratitude for the simple things.

Hard Work & Service

We keep our girls on a specific schedule that includes household and ranch chores.We believe that through following Christ’s pattern of service and charity, girls are able to realize their own personal value and the extraordinary and unique contribution they can have to the world.

Prayer, Reflection & Spiritual Study

While days are busy with tasks and counseling, we make it a primary focus to provide time for personal Bible study and meditation on their blessings and relationship with God. We believe that when girls learn to turn their troubles, worries, and challenges over to God, they are able to be truly healed, and empowered to make positive change in their lives.

Family Therapy Strengthens You, Too

You are the most important key to your daughter’s success in our residential treatment program for girls! That’s why Family Systems Therapy is one of our main treatment approaches. While your daughter learns and grows with us, you, too learn and grow at home.

We believe that a healthy family is made up of people who help, share, respect, give and receive well. For a family to function in a healthy way, the members must work together as a system. So we help make changes with your daughter, you as parents, and your entire family. We help you examine thoughts, behavior, and attitudes. Then you see your own part in your family and identify what can change in order to build better communication and reliance on each other.

Together, we acknowledge the real problems and give up the illusion that things will be better when someone else is different. We help you identify the healthy aspects of your family life, re-vamp the things that are unhealthy and identify on-going needs and problems. Call us today to find out how your entire family can benefit from this essential program at Trinity Teen Solutions.