Helping Troubled Teen Girls Appreciate the Value of Therapy

Helping Troubled Teen Girls Appreciate the Value of TherapyTTS is a faith based residential treatment center helping troubled teen girls appreciate the value of therapy. We provide intensive and comprehensive treatment by offering teens, who are struggling with an assortment of issues, a new beginning. Teen girls are given opportunities for emotional and physical challenge. Our supportive and non-judgmental environment guides our students to view themselves and their abilities in a different perspective. Our students experience success that challenges negative belief systems. We are devoted to providing the best opportunity for rehabilitation. Call TTS at .

Teens may feel more supported if the seek therapy when they are going through tough times, like problems in school or family troubles They may be feeling overwhelmed, sad and angry by what has been happening and need help finding solutions to their problems, feeling better and figuring out their feelings. This is when families can appreciate the value of therapy.

Common Situations When Therapy can Help

 Cuts, burns or self injures
Has cancer, HIV or a sexually transmitted disease
Coping with a traumatic event or death of a loved one
Wants help to manage anger
Wants help to cope with peer pressure
Struggling with eating disorders
Dealing with divorce or family alcoholism/addiction
Coping with a chronic illness
Feeling sad, depressed, stressed out or worried
Wants to build self-confidence
Dealing with ADHD or learning problem
Wants to get rid of a bad habit, such as smoking or hair pulling
Needs help with substance abuse

Deciding to seek help for something you’re going through can be really hard. It may be your idea to go to therapy or it might not. Sometimes parents bring up the idea first because they notice their child is dealing with a difficult situation, seems unusually sad, angry, is losing weight or worried. Some teens might feel criticized or embarrassed and unsure if they will benefit from talking to someone. But, therapy offers teen girls support when they are going through difficult times.

If you have a troubled girl and need help we would like to speak with you about the positive and successful TTS program. Call to speak with our Admissions Counselor.