Helping Teen Girls Overcome Trauma

Helping Teen Girls Overcome Trauma

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No one is exempt from feeling the effects of trauma. Parents and children can often feel overwhelmed by traumatic experiences. As a parent, you have to be brave enough to move forward and help your family and teens the help they need to heal from and overcome trauma.

Facing the trauma

The healing process can’t begin until you face the trauma. This is a daunting and sometimes terrifying thought, especially if the trauma was recent or was repressed. If you’re struggling, just know that you are not alone.

Teen trauma, unfortunately, is not rare. 61% of teens aged 13 to 17 are exposed to at least one traumatic experience in their lifetime. A staggering 19% of teens have been exposed to more than 3 traumatic experiences in their life.

Think for a moment, and consider the life of an adolescent. It’s challenging, and often overwhelming. While these numbers are heartbreaking, they are not necessarily surprising. During the teen years, your daughter goes through transitions and growth. Being exposed to the world as a whole on a much larger scale than they were at a younger age often opens the floodgates for negative experiences. As your teen matures and moves further towards adulthood, you aren’t able to protect them from as much as you were able to when they were much younger.

Types of trauma

There are different types of trauma that your teen could experience. Accidental trauma occurs when your child is accidentally badly injured or witnesses a life-threatening incident. Other types of trauma that your teen could experience are physical violence, sexual assault, emotional distress, and mental suffering. As a result, many teens develop and experience PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

How to help your teen overcome trauma

Effective treatment of trauma requires courage. As a parent, you’ll have to ask hard questions.

  1. How severe is the trauma your teen experienced?
  2. How did your family respond to the trauma?
  3. Did you, as a parent, underestimate the long term effects of the trauma on your child?

You shouldn’t have to face these questions and the long journey ahead on your own. It’s important to the healing process to have a support system in place to guide you and aid the healing process.

Here at Trinity Teen, we want to help your teen overcome trauma. We want to restore normalcy and peace in your lives, and provide calm and professional treatment during this period of your life. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation at

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